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Woman proves how fake social media can be by sharing edited photos before and after

Woman proves how fake social media can be by sharing edited photos before and after

She shared a collection of snaps before and after a heavy edit and the contrast is stark

A woman has highlighted how fake social media can be by sharing a collection of snaps before and after a heavy edit.

As we know, our feeds are always filled with beautiful faces and figures, but things aren't always as they seem in this day and age. See for yourself here:

TikToker Holly Cockerill - aka @hollycockerillmua - shared a montage of edited photos on the platform, before comparing them to the originals to highlight how deceptive people can be with modern day editing apps.

The pictures showed she was easily able to transform her face, applying a full face of makeup, changing her hair colour, teeth, facial expression - you name it.

Holly even showed how she was able to tweak a gym snap, making her muscles appear more toned.

And while it's quite impressive what you can do these days, the montage served the important purpose of reminding us all not to compare ourselves to the unrealistic representations we often see on our feeds.

Holly posted a before and after shot of each image.

In the comments, it was clear to see people were grateful to Holly for this reminder.

One person commented: "You actually really help me to remind myself not to compare how I look to those online. Thank you, sometimes I really need it."

Another said: "These make me feel so much better about myself. I never get tired of these."

A third added: "Thanks for posting this. It’s so hard not to get caught up in wanting to look exactly like those filters. You are so beautiful!"

While a fourth wrote: "Pls never stop these videos I love them sm."

Explaining why she does it, make-up artist Holly told Bored Panda: "I enjoy making people laugh, so I started making funny videos on TikTok. But I had a passion for makeup, and that's why I created my makeup page.

People were grateful to Holly.

"That's where my 'Instagram versus real life' videos are.

"I'm guilty of always scrolling through Instagram and seeing 'perfect' selfies with the perfect life, and it made me feel so bad about myself. I'd constantly compare myself to these fake images.

"I then started seeing accounts showing celebrities and popular influencers on social media versus real life, and I couldn't believe the difference."

She added: "Young people look up to influencers and want to be like them or look like them. And if those influencers are using an app that changes everything about themselves, then it's making normal people question why they don't look good enough."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hollycockerillmua

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