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People can’t believe mum’s pregnancy photos as she didn’t show bump until just before giving birth

People can’t believe mum’s pregnancy photos as she didn’t show bump until just before giving birth

People were stunned by the photos

One mum has left TikTok users shocked after she revealed her pregnancy photos online.

People have been stunned by the gallery of images, in which the mum doesn't appear to have a baby bump at all, until just a few days before giving birth.

You can watch the video below:

TikToker @nikkisalazar_ posted photos of her pregnancy journey, explaining: "My pregnancy journey except I didn't show until two weeks before giving birth."

Sharing a number of snaps from each month of her pregnancy on TikTok, Nikki's stomach looks completely flat - and even at six months when the little one was 'kicking loads' Nikki still 'wasn't showing'.

At seven months, Nikki explained that while the bump 'was there' it was definitely 'nothing crazy'.

And just five days before giving birth, Nikki appeared to be showing some signs, posting a photo of her small bump.

"Maybe next time," she added in the caption.

Nikki at three months pregnant.

And other TikTokers were shook by the photos, with many describing it as a "new fear unlocked".

One person wrote: "And this is why i am scared of being pregnant without knowing anything."

While another said: "I’m both terrified of being pregnant but not realising it, and of knowing but never getting a big bump."

And a third added: "I'm terrified of this even though I've took 3 pregnancy tests out of fear this year AND now have an ius."

Other women who had been through pregnancy said Nikki was 'lucky' not to have had a huge bump.

One wrote: "Lucky! I got huge with both!"

While another said: "Wow pregnancy with no struggle to walk, put socks on, wash up at the sink, bend down, sleep on belly....this list is endless you are a very lucky lady."

"Some people are so blessed I was humongous!" Wrote a third.

Nikki was feeling kicks at six months.

Others were simply baffled by the video, with another writing: "This boggles my mind!!!! Where was baby the whole time. Was at a hotel or what?"

And another said: "OMG is this real?! Didn’t even know this was possible!!!"

Earlier this year, we told you how one mum-to-be on TikTok revealed how her baby bump changes at different times of the day - and other users were blown away.

Creator filmed herself on the same day at both 10am and midnight to show just how much her bump had grown in the space of a few hours.

Accompanying the video, her caption read: "look like I’ve skipped a whole trimester in a single day".

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nikkisalazar_

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