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Woman faces backlash from neighbour after parking on her driveway

Woman faces backlash from neighbour after parking on her driveway

The woman said she had nowhere else to park.

A woman has faced backlash online after admitting she was forced to park on her neighbour's drive after struggling to find a spot elsewhere.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman explained that a parking suspension had come into force on their street that day due to roadworks.

Having forgotten, she hadn't moved her car in time, and so had to find a spot for it at 6am. Explaining there were no spaces left, the woman instead decided to park on her neighbour's drive out of desperation.

The woman explained she had been unable to find a space.
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"I got up and drove in the darkness trying to find a nearby spot but the suspension covers all immediate surrounding roads so there was nowhere to park," she explained.

"A woman on our street has a large driveway that can fit 3 cars. She only has 1 car. In desperation I parked my car in her drive, I had to get back home as I had left DC [dear children] alone.

"I left a note on my car apologising and explaining I would move it once I had dropped DC to school. When I returned from the school run I bumped into her as she was walking her dog. I apologised and she said 'why didn’t you ask me?'

"I explained I didn’t knock on her door as it was so early and she said she gets up at 5am to pray so she was awake. Obviously I couldn’t have known this.

She said her neighbour had a big driveway.
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"She then went on to say she is sick of people on the street taking the p, people letting their visitors park in her drive etc. I apologised again. I then said the enforcement is in place until 6pm so can I leave the car until then? [sic]"

The woman added: "She made a noise that didn’t sound like a yes or no and walked off with the dog. I just stood awkwardly not sure what to do.

"I’ve left the car there as the nearest place I can now park is about a mile away, every possible space is taken. Not sure if I should go back with a peace offering/gift or just leave it."

Roadworks were being carrying out on the street.
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Other Mumsnet users were pretty adamant that the woman was in the wrong, with one writing: "Hahaha the nerve of you! Get your car off her drive and apologise."

While another said: "The audacity! Stop being so lazy and move your car! And buy her a gift to apologise."

A third said: "If there nearest spot was a mile away, then park a mile away."

And a fourth pointed out: "Honestly, I would be extremely peeved off had you done it on our drive. What if she needed to use her car or maybe had visitors arriving.

"Even if neither of those things were true it’s extremely rude of you to do it without permission. It’s your neighbours private land, not a place you can just dump your car because you’re disorganised or can’t be bothered to just park further away."

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