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Woman Who Thought Her Late Mum Would Never Meet Her Boyfriend Discovers Incredible Surprise

Woman Who Thought Her Late Mum Would Never Meet Her Boyfriend Discovers Incredible Surprise

We're crying.

A woman who thought her late mum would never meet her boyfriend had the most wonderful surprise after finding an old photo belonging to her partner.

You can watch the incredible moment in the clip below:

Posting on TikTok, Leah - who goes by @speccylee - explained that after her mum passed away when she was seven, she thought she would never get to meet her future boyfriend.

In the clip, Leah can be seen with her boyfriend, before picking up an old school year book and flicking through to a photo.

And followers were totally blown away by the surprise, with many admitting they were in floods of tears.

One person wrote: "No the chills I got omggg."

While another said: "I am screaming and tearing up rn."

Leah shared the clip on TikTok (


Meanwhile a fourth commented: "She sent him to you."

While a fifth said: "Literally burst into tears!!!!"

Others were convinced it was fate, with another writing: "And that’s how you know he’s the one."

And another said: "WOW IT'S FATE."

"My heart ahhhh it’s meant to be!!" said another.

The couple answered questions in a separate video (

A lot of followers had so many questions, asking Leah how she met her boyfriend and when they started dating.

In a separate video, she responded: "I didn't know Thomas before we started dating seven months ago.

"We met in high school but we didn't have any family connections prior to that. There was no way that we knew each other.

"I didn't actually know that my mum taught kindergarten, I just knew she was a teacher... that was probably only one year she taught there and it just so happened to be Thomas' year."

The couple admitted they were speechless when they first found out, while Leah said she also started crying.

This is so beautiful!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@speccylee

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