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Mum shares incredible video of baby standing up inside her stomach

Mum shares incredible video of baby standing up inside her stomach

People couldn't believe it

One mum has shared an incredible video of her baby standing up inside her stomach and it's blowing people's minds.

The expecting mother captured footage of the exact moment when the amazing baby bump movements began.

In the video, the mum looks clearly just as shocked as viewers as she live-reacts to the phenomenon.

Check it out:

The mum, Rose Valencia, recorded a massive milestone in her pregnancy when her baby began moving about at '33 weeks and four days'.

Rose uploaded the miraculous clip to TikTok where she has been publicly documenting her pregnancy journey to her followers on the app.

She referred to the experience as 'intense fetal movement' and captioned the video: "Watching my baby move is the most incredible thing ever!

"Posterior placenta means less cushion & these acrobatic moves can be seen & felt even more."

According to Healthline: "The placenta attaches to the wall of your uterus, and its position can be anywhere - front, back, right, or left.

"If the placenta attaches to the back of the uterus, it's known as a posterior placenta. If it attaches to the front of the uterus, it's called an anterior placenta."

"Watching my baby move is the most incredible thing ever!"

The position of one's placenta can have an affect on how visible the baby's movements are while in the womb.

Not only was the baby moving around like mad, especially when Rose touched her belly, but it even stood up at one point.

The 27-second-long clip has gone on to amass over one million views, with hundreds rushing to the comments to share their reactions to the incredible video.

Many other mums harked back on their own pregnancies, explaining their varying experiences between having 'posterior' and 'anterior' placentas.

One TikTok user wrote: "I had an anterior placenta so I couldn't ever see this."

"I wish I could have this," a second commented, "I have an anterior placenta. Only seen a kick once & I'm 31 weeks."

"Wow you captured it standing too."

A third added: "Oh my goodness, my placenta was anterior so you couldn't see the movement like this."

Others, however, were totally in awe over Rose's video,

One TikTok user said: "This is so cool."

"Wow you captured it standing too," pointed out another, while a third wrote: "That's insane."

The video clearly got many feeling broody with dozens admitting how much they cherished the feeling of their baby moving about.

"I miss this feeling so much," wrote one mum, while another echoed: "That's amazing, I miss the feeling."

A final TikTok user said: "It's truly amazing how they move and how women's bodies can adjust to carry a baby."

It sure is.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rose_valenciia

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