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Woman teaches man important lesson after he sent unsolicited birthday message

Woman teaches man important lesson after he sent unsolicited birthday message

He will definitely think twice before sending unwanted pictures again.

Consent is key in any relationship, and that's something one man learned the hard way when he sent a woman a graphic unsolicited message.

Twitter user Becky Holmes told how a man, known only as Greg, had sent her an unwanted picture of his genitalia as a 'birthday present', and she decided to have a little fun with it.

Here's an example of great consent in action:

Becky, who has something of a reputation for terrorising online scammers, wrote: "Long-term sex pest Greg was kind enough to send me a willy-themed happy birthday message yesterday.

"Unfortunately I was distracted by a mark on his body which I had to inform him was the start of something terrible."

Becky then followed it up with a series of hilarious screenshots that should serve as a warning to anyone planning to follow in Greg's footsteps.

The exchange began with Greg sending her a picture of his genitals poking through a sign that read 'happy birthday'.

She replied: "Greg mate, that's great and I appreciate the effort but I'm distracted by what appears to be a dangerous red mark on your stomach."

Becky emphasised her point by drawing a red circle around the offending mark.

Greg sent an unsolicited picture of his manhood through a happy birthday sign.

This definitely got Greg's attention, and he speculated that it was merely a mark from his clothes rubbing against his body.

But Becky didn't stop there.

She added: "Greg, I have a degree in dermatology. I've seen these before in that position and it is often a sign of something more serious."

"What do mean in that position?" Greg replied. "It's just a spot, it doesn't itch and I've never noticed it before. How can a spot be serious? You've never had spots before?"

Becky then amped the drama up by urging Greg to 'stay calm for now'.

After more panicking, he wrote: "I was calm, you're not making me calm."

Greg should have never sent the picture without enthusiastic consent.

Things unfortunately kept getting worse for Greg when Becky told him that he had a very specific kind of spot that was silently spreading poison throughout his body.

"Greg, I'm so sorry," she wrote. "It's going to be a difficult few months for you."

The would-be suitor got so worked up that he went as far as showing the offending photo to his female cousin for a second opinion.

"We're not an expert like you but she agrees with me, we can't see anything," he wrote, then pleaded, "If there's anyone you work with that could give a second opinion, that would help."

The thread unfortunately ended there, but we can only assume Greg was so upset about Becky's apparent revelation that he sought the opinion of a real doctor.

Greg was distraught by the end of the conversation.

Reacting to the thread, one Twitter user wrote: "I love how he's appalled that YOU'VE stressed him out, absolutely no thought whatsoever given to how sending his vile pic may have made YOU feel! Incredible."

A second added: "How on earth did he start the conversation with his cousin... Hey, I've been sending pictures of my willy online and...."

"Best tweet I've ever seen," added a third.

Hopefully, a real doctor informed Greg that he had nothing to worry about, and the experience taught him a very important lesson about sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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