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Woman who lives in a van says she doesn't have to pay rent or electricity bills

Woman who lives in a van says she doesn't have to pay rent or electricity bills

The woman has revealed her very low monthly outgoings

A woman who lives in a van has revealed that she doesn't have to pay rent or electricity bills.

Hopping on the popular van life movement, the nomad has opted for a life on wheels and has explained exactly what led to her life-changing decision.

Breaking down her choice into just a handful of reasons, it's clear that this woman's lifestyle is definitely alternative. Have a look:

The woman, named Vin, took to TikTok to share with her 50.1k followers exactly what attracted her so much to van life.

In one clip, she revealed the four biggest reasons why she now goes about life living on four wheels.

She started the short clip telling viewers: "I live in a van and here are some reasons why."

Getting straight into it, Vin pointed to her dramatically reduced outgoings ever since she ditched traditional housing.

She said: "Because I don’t pay rent and I have solar power, I have more money to spend on things I enjoy doing and food that I enjoy eating."

Vin then spliced together a compilation of photos and videos showing off her adventure-packed lifestyle complete with water sports, wild swimming and even oysters.

Not too shabby at all!

"I don’t pay rent and I have solar power."

The overlay text read: "No rent, water and electric bill = more money to spend how I want to."

Moving swiftly on to the second, and arguably most important reason, Vin told her followers: "I have the freedom to go where I want, whenever the f**k I want to."

The third factor revolved around a more social side of the lifestyle as she expressed: "I am part of an amazing nomad community."

Coming up as the fourth and final reason, the woman claimed that she has received 'more business opportunities' ever since living in a van.

"Lastly, travelling allows me to expand my business and my customer base and grow a company that I’ve been growing for years," she explained before panning to a shot of a jewellery stand at an outdoor market.

"Lastly, travelling allows me to expand my business and my customer base."

The clip has since racked up over 37,000 views on the platform with dozens eager to share their reactions to Vin's van lifestyle.

Many congratulated the woman for taking the jump and fully committing to the nomadic lifestyle.

One TikTok user praised: "Good on you hun."

"You’re living my dream!!" commented another while a third added: "That’s a damn good reason."

Sure is.

And it seems like that person wasn't alone as handful of others also expressed their own interest in doing up a van and kicking it on the road.

"Omg that's exactly what I want to do!" penned a hopeful nomad, "I've been doing research for years."

A final TikTok user echoed: "Good for you. I would love to try it!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@notallwhowanderarelostt

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