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Woman says men should pay her £250,000 yearly salary to have a baby

Woman says men should pay her £250,000 yearly salary to have a baby

She ran through the list of her pregnancy 'non-negotiables'

One woman has explained exactly why men should pay her a £250,000 yearly salary to have a baby.

Content creator Jenny, who goes by the handle @_lifeofjenny_, took to TikTok to share her 'non-negotiables' when it comes to pregnancy.

You can hear her list here:

She first started off the explanation by saying: "Creating a human life takes a lot of sacrifice as a woman and I'm not putting myself through all that for free - sorry not sorry."

Jenny revealed she has always been 'very adamant' about not wanting kids, but she would maybe consider it 'for the right man'.

Jenny shared her 'non-negotiables' for pregnancy.

She acknowledged that the rundown would possibly 'ruffle a few feathers' - with some of the demands including having a prenup, being married before the pregnancy and an annual allowance of £250,000 per child.

Jenny, who said she would be 'sacrificing a lot' if she were to have children, further explained: "This will basically cover my weekly therapy sessions I am going to need before and post giving birth, personal trainer to get me all fit and healthy and get my confidence back."

"Obviously grocery shopping and just things I would need to get for the kids here and there." she said.

"If I just have an annual or monthly allowance equivalent to that then I would be able to live comfortably, not just for myself but for my child as well."

Adding: "I am not here to suffer."

Jenny also wanted a 'mummy makeover' following the birth.

And a reason for the prenup would be to cover anything like cheating - adding that she would have 'clauses' to protect her.

Along with a housekeeper for a minimum of six months after the birth, as well as a weekly cleaner and a night nurse, the TikToker said she would also want a 'mummy makeover' as her body 'is going to be destroyed internally and externally'.

Jenny added that she'd also want a 'push present', such as an apartment, a car or a business in her name, for example, in order to secure her and her children's futures 'should anything happen'.

She resolved that she 'wouldn’t mind putting myself through all of that for all of the above' if the right person came along.

And while some slammed her for being 'delusional' and a 'shallow', many came to her defence.

Some people called the woman 'delusional' while others said her requests were more than 'reasonable'.

One TikTok user penned: "Idk, it seems fairly reasonable. The £250k goes into taking care of the kids. So salary for the doula and night nurse would be part of it, I'm assuming."

"People calling her crazy in these comments clearly do not know everything that a pregnancy and delivery entails," explained a second.

"Not even including everything after."

A third chimed in that 'if my future husband wants me to have a baby' then she would need a 'nutritionist, and therapy sessions both for him and I' as well as a 'night nurse, a cook and a cleaner'.

"I always said I’m not having kids until I can afford a night nurse, followed by a live-in nanny," a fourth echoed.

A final TikTok user added: "People mad are so dumb. It’s HER PREFERENCE. This is what would change her mind about having kids. SHE DOESN'T WANT KIDS!"

And Jenny isn't the only person to have made a list - with model Elle Gonsalves also having made one to cover the 118 reasons to not have kids.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_lifeofjenny_

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