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Woman says she avoids paying rent by living in a shed in her parents' back garden

Woman says she avoids paying rent by living in a shed in her parents' back garden

Aniah Warne, 21, from Boise, Idaho did a 'house tour' of her shed for curious people on TikTok.

With the cost of living crisis raging on. plus the rent and housing market looking quite dire, we're all looking for ways to cut down on spending by searching for humble new ways of living.

But we’re willing to bet only a few people have ever thought about moving into a shed in their parent’s back garden.

This is exactly what Aniah Warne has done. The 21-year-old from Boise, Idaho was more than happy to give TikTok users a tour of her unusual abode, which is situated in her parents’ backyard where she lives 'rent free'.

Aniah spilled the beans about her hippie hope after a viewer commented quite astutely that she ‘lives in a f**king shed.’

The shed looks absolutely adorable though, with stone walkways and plenty of gorgeous plants and greenery. Aniah has decorated her space with posters, tapestry draped on the ceiling, countless plants in aesthetically pleasing pots, floating shelves, and ornaments to make it feel like a home.

She has an entryway door on the side of the shed which she uses to access her home that is roughly the size of a small studio apartment.

Although it may seem small, it appears to be a decent amount of space for one person.

Welcome to Aniah's humble abode.

There’s a step which serves as a ‘little porch’ and the wall opens up, giving her an idyllic view of her outdoor bamboo plant from her bed.

The only things she doesn’t have In her home is a bathroom and kitchen, but she confirmed in the comments that she just uses the ones in her parents’ house which is only a few steps away.

Aniah did a tour of her home.

“So I have my desk, a TV, my bed, and then this is the view sitting in my bed,' she said during her tour of her ‘shed-room’.

“And then I have my nightstand with essentials, a cute little chair, plant, shelves, fridge. I have this mirror to look at outfits and then this is my closet.”

Aniah has a floor-length mirror, a bookshelf and a stool on which she keeps a plant. She also has shelves and bars filled with clothes.

“It's quite clean right now,” she said, referencing all the apparel in her space.

“'So, yeah. That's my shed,” she proudly declared at the end of her tour. The video has proven to be very popular with over 1.5 million views logged.

Lots of commenters were concerned about the ‘bug situation’, however, Aniah squashed the fears about creepy crawlies and said they’re hardly an issue.

Some viewers were concerned about bugs.

"Honestly, I don't have an issue with spiders or mosquitoes or flies,” she shared. “I have the door and the window open right now, and there is not a single fly in here. I do have to be concerned about leaving food out, though, because of ants.”

She continued regarding the temperature in the shed: “When it's hot, I have an AC. When it's cold, I have a heater, and when it's temperate, I just leave the door open.”

We're looking to move into a shed ASAP!

Featured Image Credit: aniahhhwarne/TikTok

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