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Woman left 'sobbing' after tattoo artist puts own spin on Harry Styles tattoo tribute

Woman left 'sobbing' after tattoo artist puts own spin on Harry Styles tattoo tribute

The Harry Styles fan was reduced to tears after seeing the finished tattoo

One woman was left 'sobbing' after a tattoo artist put their own spin on a Harry Styles tattoo tribute.

The Harry Styles stan was after some 'Adore You' inspired ink but has since dubbed it the 'ugliest tattoo' she's 'ever seen'.

She has since warned the internet so they too can avoid such a 'horrible experience' the next time they plan on getting some permanent body art.

The woman called the Harry Styles tribute tattoo the 'ugliest' one she'd 'ever seen'.

The woman, Angela, took to TikTok to share her tattoo story with her followers.

She began: "I'm getting Harry Styles tattoo covered up tomorrow and have genuinely never been more excited about anything in my life.

“And before you come for me, please, please wait, please hear me out."

Angela continued: "This is nothing to do with Harry. I adore that man.

"But this has everything to do with a horrible experience that I had with one specific artist and the fact that I think this is the ugliest tattoo that I've ever seen and I'm so ashamed to admit that it was ever on my body in the first place."

She went on to explain a little more about the original design she wanted, which consisted of a fish swimming inside a coffee pot - a direct reference to Styles' 'Adore You' music video.

Angela then found a local tattoo artist who began the design process.

She then sent them screenshots from the music video alongside extra images of the type of fish she was after - a North African Jewelfish, which was featured in the video.

Angela sent the tattoo artist reference pictures before the session.

She said: "So I emailed her this and a picture of a coffee pot, and I basically explained not the colours, not the polka dots.

"Just more or less that shape of fish in a coffee pot. and she was like, 'yeah, no problem'."

Let's just say this was far from the case.

Angela then listed a rundown of all the 'red flags' from the first encounter with the tattooist.

She recalled: "So I show up, and immediately, red flag number one is that the sketch is not in black and grey with shading like I asked.

"It was blue and red and half done. It wasn't finished."

She continued: "Second red flag is that it was not at all when I asked for.

"And when I very nicely asked her to make a change to better reflect my reference photo, she started arguing with me. She was like, 'that's not what you sent me'."

Angela said that the tattooist did end up changing the design, but didn't run it past her before tattooing it onto her body.

Bracing herself, the TikToker then finally revealed the tattoo - a cartoony bug-eyed fish that seems to stare into your very soul.

She said: "Here's the reveal. This is what I've had to live with on my body for the last year of my life.

"I think now you'll understand why I was sobbing in the car. What is this?"

Angela then showed the tattoo.

Angela wrote in the caption: "I’ve had this thing for a year and in that time I've told maybe four people that it even exists because of how awful it is so please be gentle."

The video has since gone viral, clocking up over 6.7 million views with thousands upon thousands of comments from people eager to weigh-in.

One TikTok user wrote: "I was picturing the worst possible thing I could think of but it was still so much worse."

While a second echoed: "You gave us the whole run down but I still wasn't ready for it."

I don't think any of us were.

"If anyone finds my jaw on the ground plz let me know," joked another.

A fourth added: "Nothing could’ve prepared me I’m cackling."

"The way I audibly gasped. I am so sorry," offered a final TikTok user.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@only_angel.a

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