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Woman married husband in £27,000 wedding before he suddenly ghosted her overnight

Woman married husband in £27,000 wedding before he suddenly ghosted her overnight

Isabelle Glastonbury married a man from the US but he left shortly after without an explanation

Unfortunately, ghosting in the dating world is nothing new - you think you meet someone nice, get along and have a good first date, before noticing they've blocked you just days later.

While it may be hurtful, it is only at the dating stage, so it is certainly something you can hopefully get over pretty quickly.

But one woman was left devastated when her US love ghosted her after they got married with no explanation.

Isabelle Glastonbury, now 31, met the man in Dallas and quickly fell in love with the charming nature of the Texan.

The pair quickly got engaged and relocated from the US to Isabelle's native Australia in 2018.

The couple married at the luxurious Boathouse in Palm Beach, costing a whopping £27,000 ($50,000 AUD).

But what was suppose to be an hugely exciting time for the newlyweds quickly turned into a nightmare for Isabelle.

Isabelle Glastonbury was ghosted by her husband shortly after the wedding.

Following an evening of dinner and drinks to celebrate the US man's visa approval in January 2021 - which was over two years in the making - Isabelle's husband suddenly disappeared.

"I got home and literally 90 percent of his stuff had disappeared," she told Daily Mail Australia.

Isabelle recalled: "I had this sinking feeling. I tried logging into our immigration accounts, I had been locked out of everything, my credit cards were maxed-out, and I was blocked on his phone, none of my calls or messages going through."

While she had her suspicions, Isabelle was left in the dark as to why her husband disappeared at the start of 2021.

"He ghosted everyone - all of our mutual friends, the best man from our wedding and his own family, no-one knew where he was," Isabelle said.

"But in hindsight the months leading up to discovering her husband had disappeared were concerning.

"He had become distant and started disappearing at night, I felt like I was married to a complete stranger."

Isabelle also claims her now ex-hubby said just days before he ghosted her he wanted to relocate to Queensland where they could buy a house and start a family.

Isabelle with her new partner Max.

She also claims The Department of Immigration and Border Protection did little to reject the man's visa after he vanished, saying: "So many people reported him to immigration and nothing happened.

"I have such a problem with the visa situation, literally people can leave and have no repercussions or be forced to have any accountability."

The couple formally divorced over a year ago and the pair haven't seen or spoke to each other despite a fleeting meet up in February 2021.

Isabelle was given the rather brief explanation from her former partner he 'had to be single'.

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