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Woman left furious after boyfriend is refused entry into luxury hotel restaurant for wearing sliders

Woman left furious after boyfriend is refused entry into luxury hotel restaurant for wearing sliders

The couple ended up leaving the hotel early as they no longer felt welcomed.

A woman has been left furious after her boyfriend was refused entry into a luxury hotel restaurant for wearing a pair of sliders.

Samantha Hyde and Samuel Beckett spent £300 on an overnight stay, which included breakfast and dinner at the luxury Lifehouse Spa and Hotel near Frinton-on-Sea in Essex.

What should have been a nice, luxury holiday ended in chaos, as the couple left the hotel fuming.

Samantha and Samuel were denied entry to their 7.30pm dinner reservation as the latter was wearing an expensive pair of designer sliders.

Samuel had completely forgot his smart shoes, and only realised once the couple had pulled up to the hotel.

The couple say they informed the receptionist when they checked in, who apparently informed the restaurant.

Nonetheless, the couple were denied entry as the open toe shoes violated dress code policy, with the couple asked if they would like to dine in their room or move to the earlier time of 6pm in the restaurant where then are less busy.

The Lifehouse Spa and Hotel.
Facebook/Lifehouse Spa and Hotel

Speaking to the MailOnline, Samantha said: "I just can't believe what happened to us - it was diabolical.

"We were treated like we had been doing something illegal and wrong - it ruined the entire weekend which was meant to be a celebration.

"He [Samuel] had a shirt and dinner trousers. I had a dress and a pair of open toed shoes."

The hotel's website states that items such as bathrobes and sportswear are permitted at breakfast and lunch, but the dinner attire is strictly 'smart casual'.

"We got on with our spa day, enjoying the outdoors and reading our books," Samantha continued.

"When we got back to the room I had a missed call, a voice mail and an email saying if we don't have dinner at 6pm our reservation will be cancelled.

"The email was sent two hours after we arrived. It said the sliders did not meet the restaurant's requirements for the dress code and we were asked to confirm we had been made aware of this."

Sliders were a no-no apparently.
Aleksandrs Tihonovs / Alamy Stock Photo

After heading down to reception, the couple were greeted by a man who they described as having 'scruffy hair [and an] unkempt beard'.

"His attitude towards me and my partner was absolutely disgusting. The way he belittled and judged us," Samatha spoke of him.

As a result, the couple left the hotel early as they no longer felt welcome, with the hotel refusing any refund as they were offered 'two other alternatives'.

Tyla has reached out to Lifehouse Spa and Hotel for comment.

The hotel told the Daily Mail it was looking into the matter.

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandrs Tihonovs / Alamy Stock Photo / Tripadvisor

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