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Woman who claims to have the 'flattest bum in the universe' hits back at trolls

Woman who claims to have the 'flattest bum in the universe' hits back at trolls

"It's flat as f*** and it's cute"

A woman who claims to have the 'flattest bum in the world' has hit back at the trolls, saying 'it's flat as f**k and it's cute'.

TikTok star Julie Lorentzen has amassed a whopping 3.6 million followers by sharing videos of her life with wife Camilla.

More recently they've been documenting their pregnancy journey, but one thing fans keep coming back for is their hilarious butt-related content.


You see, Julie herself jokes about the fact that she thinks she has the 'flattest bum in the universe', and back in summer she challenged her personal trainer wife to 'build her an a**' in six months.

The pair got to work with lots of weight training and squats, but more recently their focus has been on their IVF treatment – and the TikToker has been embracing the body she was born with.

As is often the case on social media, a number of trolls have commented on the clips asking Julie whether she was 'using a filter' or saying that her backside 'isn't cute'.

Even when she showed off her progress in an update, some people said that it 'looks the same'.

But Julie and Camilla don't let the haters get them down.

And the same goes for those who write comments of praise saying that they 'see a curve'.

In a video that's been viewed an impressive 23.4 million times, Julie says: "We all know I have the flattest a** in the universe.

"It isn't offensive, you don't have to tell me you see a curve - it's flat as f**k and it's cute."

In response to the commenter who said that her butt 'ain't cute', Julie wrote: "It's a lot cuter than tearing a random stranger down in a tt comment section." Absolutely bullet proof.

Earlier on, the pair shared a hilarious video in which Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' blasts in the background as Julie turns to the side to reveal her cheeks.

Though there were once again some trolls in the comments, they are seriously outnumbered by the fans sharing their praise for her message of body positivity.

"You have EVERYTHING, you are both so beautiful," wrote one, with another commenting: "Y’all look so happy, I need a relationship like this."

A third who tagged their friend added: "This makes me feel better," while a fourth chimed in, "Girl, same."

In short, our bodies come in all shapes and sizes - the most important thing in life is to be happy and healthy, and Julie and Camilla are demonstrating this through their TikTok videos.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@julieevlorentzen

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