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Woman uses fake tan mitt to paint her staircase and the results are amazing

Woman uses fake tan mitt to paint her staircase and the results are amazing

Talk about dual-purpose

Now, I'm sure we all know about the magic of a good quality fake tan mitt.

And it's clear the beauty product doesn't just give us an effortless sun-kissed look in next to no time, it can also be used as a DIY tool to sort some interior decoration bits out in your home.

Yep, you heard that right.

One woman has shared her genius hack using a fake tan mitt to paint her staircase and the results are beyond amazing. Have a look:

The wizard wheeze, Ashley Gray, took to TikTok to share with her 27.7k followers the nifty little trick.

She began by painting her staircase with some black paint and a regular paint brush which left the banister covered in uneven streaks and, let's be real, not the greatest finish in the world.

Ashley then opens up an unused fake tan mitt and pops some rubber gloves on before putting it on.

The next clip sees Ashley lightly coating the banister in the paint using the mitt which totally sorted those pesky streaks left over from the brush bristles.

Ashley Gray shared the fake tan mitt hack to TikTok.

The overlay text reads: "Add the paint.

"This gives the most perfect finish and is done in half the time."

The short clip has since gone viral after clocking up more than 4.3 million views with hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the mind-blowing hack.

One TikTok user penned: "Omg thank you so much this, I have painted mine black and had to sand over and over."

"Brill idea," praised a second. "Just about to paint my stairs and I'll defo use this."

A third echoed: "Thanks I am just about to do my stair and banisters!"

TikTok users were stunned by the paint hack.

"I need to try this," declared a fourth, while a fifth chimed in: "Where has this idea been all my life?!"

Another admired: "Thank you, I love when something simple makes a huge difference!"

"Omg unreal," added a final TikTok user. "So much easier and quicker!"

Others took the opportunity to share even more home deco tips and tricks, with one suggesting: "A sock works great too (just not a fluffy one)."

"A sponge roller brush will do the same," wrote a second.

A third advised: "If you want to do it properly then give it a light sand, prime it, then give it a rough first coat then give it a good 2nd coat all done with brushes."

Reckon you'll give the fake tan mitt paint hack a go?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thegrayhome

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