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Woman told to dump boyfriend as he earns ten times less than she does

Woman told to dump boyfriend as he earns ten times less than she does

The anonymous mum took to Mumsnet to explain her predicament amid 'logistical issues'.

A woman has been told to dump her boyfriend as he earns ten times less than she does.

The mum recently took to the parenting forum Mumsnet to explain her situation, saying that she has a lot in common with her partner but she has a higher salary than him.

Although the anonymous woman does add that wage discrepancy does not bother her.

Despite that, the mum does worry about 'logistical issues' in the future, as her friends tell her to cut ties with the man.

On the parenting forum, she wrote: "Just started dating a man and it turns out I earn 10 times what he earns.

"Now, I should start by saying that in theory, this doesn't bother me AT ALL. I come from very working class stock.

"We grew up on a council estate. Both my brothers are still living there with their families. I was just lucky to be studious and got on a good path.

The woman has been told to dump her boyfriend.

"I've been divorced for a decade and all the men I've dated have earned less than me and it's never really been an issue.

"However, this is the first time the gap has been this big."

The woman went on to say that despite the big gap, her partner insists on 'paying for everything when we go out'.

She also described him as 'old fashioned' and more 'generous' that anyone she has ever dated before.

The post continued: "With the exception of the salary, we have tons in common. We both have 3 kids around the same ages, both have similar long term dreams and interests and just get on brilliantly.

"A couple of my friends have insisted it could never work though. The concern is how it could work logistically in the long term.

"I have a really nice lifestyle (all self-funded) and although I'm not into designer brands or fancy restaurants, do like to travel to nice places, or to be able to enjoy some of the things a higher salary allows, like being able to jump in a taxi home rather than taking public transport, that kind of thing."

The man earns ten times less than the woman.

She added that she thinks it's 'lovely' that he insists on paying but she is left feeling 'guilty because whatever he's paying for (usually just drinks in the pub) is going to put much more of a financial strain on him than on me'.

Concluding the post, she says that she sees how 'logistical issues' could arise in the future and isn't sure what to do about the whole situation.

And many have flocked to the comment section of the post, with the vast majority believing the discrepancy in earnings could become an issue in the future.

One person wrote: "It's nice that he pays and he sound lovely but think about long term. Your planning a holiday you want to go 5** star long haul for three weeks but his budget is 3 star Europe for a week. "

Meanwhile, a second added: "I earn triple what my husband does(we were about the same when we met).

"It did cause friction at points until we spoke about it and we now pay a ratio for bills and I pay for holidays."

And a lot of people suggested to think about what the future may possibly hold for the two of them, especially if they begin to consider getting married.

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