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Woman with 30ml of lip filler admits she finds it hard to eat and drink

Woman with 30ml of lip filler admits she finds it hard to eat and drink

She took to TikTok to share her daily difficulties following her cosmetic procedures

Lip filler seems to have had a major boom in the past two years.

While people's opinions on the cosmetic procedure definitely differ - many can agree that less can sometimes be more when it comes to lip filler.

However, one woman has clearly got her own opinions with the slightly more extreme look she's currently sporting made possible with a staggering 30ml of lip filler.

Her lips have ballooned so much that she's even admitted finding it hard to eat and drink. Have a look:

Vienna Würstel, who lives in Mallorca in sunny Spain, is a self-proclaimed 'plastic fantastic' and regularly takes to social media to stun the world with her larger-than-life lips.

With a colossal 30ml pumped into her pout already, Vienna has already revealed her plans to get even more lip filler procedures in the future - much to the shock of her 25k followers on TikTok.

While she clearly loves the plumped-up look, the TikToker has admitted that some daily tasks have become a whole lot trickier ever since she started getting the injections.

One fan asked her: "How do you eat and drink with these lips?"

The woman has called herself a 'plastic fantastic'.

Without any beating around the bush, the lip filler enthusiast began by explaining it was 'quite hard'.

According to Vienna, eating 'goes quite well' but drinking is an entirely different story.

She gave viewers a glimpse at what eating looks like, chomping down on what looks like a choccy biccy

"Eating goes quite well if you eat something soft," she said. "But drinking is [harder] than that."

Vienna then took a gulp of a glass of water before a little bit of the sip leaked out.

"So you can see a droplet got out. But I have to be honest; I could now play the 'huge lips, I'm so disabled [because of] my lips' card, but I have these lips and I had to adapt to the changing world I have," Vienna concluded.

Vienna said it was much easier to eat than to drink.

"I'm getting better with every practice."

While Vienna appears to be happy with her lip fillers, there are definitely some dangers associated with the beauty trend.

According to the NHS, there are a number of risks associated with getting fillers.

The official website warns that 'serious problems are rare' but can include; 'infection, a lumpy appearance under the skin, which might need to be treated with surgery or medicine, the filler moving away from the intended treatment area, which may need to be removed using surgery, blocked blood vessels in the face, which can cause tissue death and permanent blindness and scarring'.

The NHS adds that anyone looking into getting lip filler should speak to their practitioner about the risks.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@titty_twins

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