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Woman’s warning after dissolving lip filler caused severe reaction

Emma Guinness

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Woman’s warning after dissolving lip filler caused severe reaction

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/karligardnerxx

A woman has warned others about the dangers of getting lip filler after she suffered a severe reaction while dissolving her's.

Karli Gardner, who uses the handle @karligardnerxx on TikTok, took to the website to share what happened to her lips when she had her filler dissolved.


She captioned the now-viral post: "Baiting my self out here, I did have a patch test and was fine, but I was still allergic."

Karli then showed pictures of her lips getting progressively more swollen after having her filler dissolved.

As reported by The Mirror, lip fillers are dissolved using a dissolvent to break down the chemicals, and a patch test is carried out beforehand to ensure there's no reaction.

Unfortunately for Karli, this precaution didn't stop her from reacting badly to the breakdown chemicals.

She explained that she had them dissolved because she wasn't a fan of her lip shape when filled.

"I didn't plan on getting them dissolved [but I] didn't like the shape," she said.

Needless to say, the video didn't go unnoticed on the social media website, and at the time of writing, it has been viewed nearly 100K times.

Karli had a reaction to her fillers being dissolved. Credit: TikTok / @karligardnerxx
Karli had a reaction to her fillers being dissolved. Credit: TikTok / @karligardnerxx

One TikTok user wrote: "Oh my god!! And I thought my lips swelled when I got mine dissolved!!"

A second user claimed that her ordeal had unlocked a 'new fear', while a third send their well-wishes to Karli.

Someone else remarked: "Scared me half to death!!!"

And another person added that they had just watched her video after getting the same procedure: "Sorry this happened to you so glad I watched this AFTER getting mine dissolved [sic]."

Meanwhile, one user shared that they unfortunately had the same experience.

They wrote: "This happened to me with lip filler dissolvent."

Another reacted by saying that they never want to have their fillers dissolved on the off chance that they're unlucky enough to have a reaction like Karli's.

"I'm never getting mine dissolved," they wrote.

According to the NHS, there are a number of risks associated with getting fillers, including infection, a lumpy appearance, scarring, and blocked blood vessels.

However, it is worth noting that the filled area can be red and swollen after the procedure, and it will typically settle down within a few days.

Karli then went on to clarify in the comments section that while she had a severe reaction to the filler being dissolved, the problem has now resolved itself and her lips have 'gone down now'.

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Emma Guinness
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