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Woman explains why viral 'girl math' trend is actually harmful

Woman explains why viral 'girl math' trend is actually harmful

She took to TikTok to explain the issue

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week or so - you'll have certainly heard all about the viral 'girl math' making its rounds all across social media right now.

In case you're somehow not in the know, 'girl math' basically sees women joke about justifying their indulgent spending habits with popular statements including 'using cash means whatever you're buying is basically free' and 'if I paid for a holiday/concert six months in advance then it's free'.

However, amidst the online hype, one woman has explained why the viral 'girl math' trend is actually harmful.

Take a look:

Data Analyst, Jess Ramos, took to TikTok to share her views on the matter.

She began by stating: "Let me tell you why the new girl math trend is actually harmful.

"Well, first of all, it perpetuates negative stereotypes about girls doing math by making it a joke or a mockery and making it look like girls are bad at math."

Jess then asked what 'boy math' would be, suggesting it could be deemed to be 'opening spreadsheets and doing finance'.

While admitting that she does 'laugh at some of the girl math stuff and totally relate to it', Jess noted that the 'harmful' part of the tongue-in-cheek trend is using the word 'girl' as a 'proxy for bad math or silly math or illogical math'.

"And we're just making a mockery of girls doing math and that is not okay with me," she went on.

The expert continued: "I actually have a degree in math. I studied math for four years and academia and the math world is actually really toxic, especially for women.

TikToker Jess Ramos mapped out why she thinks the viral 'girl math' is 'harmful'.

"I never wanted to dress too feminine or wear makeup because if I did, I wasn't taken as seriously and because I went through those experiences personally, I will not be participating in the girl math trend and I hope you reject it with me."

The short clip has since clocked up more than 12.2k views on the platform, with dozens upon dozens of comments from people eager to share their reactions to Jess' explanation.

And many agreed with her remarks, with one TikTok user writing: "Omg I thought I was the only one who was p*ssed off by this trend…I’m so tired of silly or dumb things being associated with women."

"I love how she worded this," praised a second. "She is right [...] there are so many males who see us as automatically inferior because of our sex."

The data analyst said the 'girl math' trend makes a 'mockery' of girls doing math.

A third chimed in: "Real I have been saying this and people keep saying it’s harmless and wholesome. Like girl be fr."

And a final said they 'couldn't agree more', adding that the trend had 'set women back 50 years'.

Others, however, weren't so onboard with Jess' opinions, with one TikTok user explaining: "I’m in finance and I still like to have fun and be in on the cute girl trends—I don’t think they have to be mutually exclusive or that being 'silly'."

A second confessed: "I have excelled in math and decision making all my life… I’m also financially responsible but I still find myself doing girl math."

"I have a masters degree in biology and I am a girl math aficionado," revealed a third.

A fourth commented: "It’s a term created by women for women and it’s about sisterhood. Not offensive at all… it’s a way of explaining sunken costs. It’s not actual math."

Jess then directly replied: "It’s not explaining sunken costs. It’s mocking poor money management and putting the title 'girl' on it."

What do you make of the 'girl math' trend?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jessramosdata

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