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People ‘triggered’ after seeing what actually happens inside a dishwasher

People ‘triggered’ after seeing what actually happens inside a dishwasher

"I feel personally violated"

As far as household appliances go, the dishwasher has proved to be one of the more contentious.

It's the subject of never-ending dispute around the average household, whether that be bickering over how to arrange dishes inside the tray or debating if it's more water efficient than washing by hand.

But one thing that seems to be uniting everybody is a video that shows you what happens inside a dishwasher.

One word that seems to be coming up a lot is 'triggered'. See for yourself:

So the video - posted by Warped Perception on TikTok - takes you inside a dishwasher along with the dirty plates and cutlery.

Over the span of a hour, you're treated to the behind the scenes of a wash.

Water is seen spraying up into the machine as dishwasher tablets can also been seen being dispensed into the wash.

Admittedly, I'd never given a moment's thought as to what happens once the door closes on the dirty dishes.

But it was still interesting to see nonetheless.

Going off the reaction the video has received, many people are beside themselves and have found various aspects of the clip to be distressing.

Ever wondered what the inside of a dishwasher looked like?
Warped Perception

First world problems, eh?

One commenter wrote: "Am I the only one triggered that there is food on the plate or have I been using my dishwasher wrong?"

This sentiment was echoed by another viewer who asked: "Does nobody else scrape their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher???"

Someone else lamented: "I feel personally violated by the plate with green stuff on it. Had to watch the whole thing & still not certain it was white at the end."

It is advised that people scrape food off their dishes before placing them in the washer, to prevent chunks of leftover meals getting clogged in the machine.

The dishwasher video caused a stir on TikTok.
Warped Perception

Elsewhere, others were questioning how a dishwasher could possibly be water efficient: "And they want to tell me that hand washing dishes wastes more water than a dishwasher?!"

Another member of 'Team wash your dishes by hand' wrote: "Scrubbing these plates would've taken five minutes and way less water."

Others gave an insight into how a dishwasher is used in their household.

One person wrote: "How dare you start the dishwasher for two plates and some glasses only?", while another said: "I would get slapped around if I turned on the dishwasher for two plates."

Damn. People really take their chores seriously on TikTok these days.

Featured Image Credit: Warped Perception

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