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People are just finding out what these three drawers actually mean on washing machines

People are just finding out what these three drawers actually mean on washing machines

Everyone is only now realising what the three drawers are actually used for on washing machines.

While we're all partial to some good old fashioned life hacks when it comes to doing the daily chores, it can make things much harder if we don't even know the tools we're working with.

Take washing machines, for example. They're the ultimate labour-saving device - but only if you know how to properly use them - which, it seems, most people don't.

Twitter is teaching the internet how to properly use a washing machine.

It usually goes: grab a bundle of clothes, chuck them in the drum and then frustratingly try your hardest to figure out what the actual purpose is of those three little drawers at the top.

Well, you're not alone, as radio host and TV personality Roman Kemp also has "no idea" what the mysterious drawers are for.

Taking to Twitter, the 29-year-old posted a photo of his washing washing captioned with: "I’m Roman. I’m 29 years old; and I still have no idea what I put in each of these…"

Garnering over 51.5k likes, over 5k comments and 2k retweets, it's clear that many people shared Kemp's sentiments.

Thankfully, one Twitter user had the answer Roman was searching for.

They said: "If you look closely, the sections are labelled, 1, 2 and [flower emoji] (why the f**k they didn’t opt for ‘1,2,3’ is beyond me!!).

"1) Detergent, if you’re doing a pre-wash. 2) Detergent for main wash. 3) Fabric conditioner. Alternatively, just give it to Mum."

It seems this wasn't common knowledge.

One Twitter user commented: "Oh wow I’ve been putting the fabric conditioner in the middle one."

"I am 46, I have used powder for 25 years and spend two days a year scraping the sodding congealed powder off the plastic bit. Why has no one told me this before?" a second revealed.

"What??? I have always put the conditioner in the small one!" a third admitted.

However, not everyone was so sympathetic to Kemp.

A Twitter user fired back at his tweet with: "Your mother should have taught you 20 odd years ago, she spoilt you which doesn’t help as you grow up."

The tweet concluded: "I taught my kids to iron, cook, wash up so they were all ready when they left home. A 29-year-old that can’t work a washing machine is shameful."

Well, whatever your views are on it, it's clear that Twitter can teach the internet a valuable life lesson once in a while.

Featured Image Credit: @romankemp/Twitter Tanya Rozhnovskaya / Alamy Stock Photo

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