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Warning issued as popular toy could be putting your child’s life at risk

Warning issued as popular toy could be putting your child’s life at risk

The warning comes from a woman whose young nephew nearly had a choking incident

A woman has issued an important warning when it comes to a popular toy after she had a frightening experience with her young nephew.

When playing with a baby, you expect nothing but fun as they begin to learn the ropes on the way to becoming a child.

But as I'm sure many are aware, there is definitely a time in the early years when youngsters decided to put everything they get their hands on in their mouth.

Of course, having things like food in their mouth is a good thing, but having toys in their gob is never really the best idea.

As many know, toddlers put everything in their mouths - but not everything is good.

Luckily, some toy manufacturers have made it so there is less danger for children when it comes to putting toys in their mouths, but other toys certainly still have their risks.

Kendall Kemezis knows all about this, as playtime nearly went very wrong with her nephew.

When she held him, Kendall noticed something stuck in his mouth that could have ended in tragedy.

In an Instagram post from Tiny Hearts Foundation, Kendall issued a choking hazard warning surrounding a popular children's toy.

"Tonight, while holding my nephew, I saw a bit of pink in his mouth, so I investigated further and saw what I thought was a gumball," she explained.

The piece was wedged behind the child's back teeth.

Upon further inspection from her sister, it was quickly discovered that it was not a gumball.

"My sister felt it and realised it was rubber so she pulled at it and this piece of the toy had broken off somehow and it suctioned to his top gums," Kendall added.

The bit of rubber was really that small.

The toy in question was a 'common pop-it fidget' toy shaped like a butterfly.

Images included in the Instagram post show the bit of rubber lodged inside the youngster's back teeth, showing how close a disaster could have been.

In another photo, Kendall held the piece of broken toy in her hand, really showing how small and dangerous it is.

The toy in question.

"He is fine and the swelling immediately went down and he’s back to normal," Kendall reassured.

She continued: "We’re lucky it ended this way and not in him choking.

"We just wanted to inform others that these toys can have faulty parts as this piece must have broken off and fallen on the floor for the baby to have gotten it."

Many concerned parents flocked to the comment section of the post, saying they are now removing such toys out of the way of toddlers.

"Honestly, would not have even thought about this have so many lying around the house," one wrote.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tinyheartseducation

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