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Woman who married rag doll claims she's 'pregnant' with their second child

Woman who married rag doll claims she's 'pregnant' with their second child

There's a lot to unpack here.

A woman who 'married' a rag doll named Marcelo has claimed that she is now 'pregnant' with their second child.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, has gone viral a handful of times over the last few years while sharing snippets of her love life with the inanimate object.

After going through a rough patch in their relationship - Meirivone says Marcelo the rag doll was unfaithful - Meirivone says another baby is exactly what they needed to get their marriage back on track.

So... definitely a lot to take in here.

Meirivone took to TikTok to share the news that she and Marcelo were expecting another baby, showing followers her positive pregnancy test.

In the video Meirivone jumps up and down and says that she and Marcelo, who already share a son together - also a rag doll - are 'so happy' with the news.

"I'm very happy because I'm pregnant with Marcelo again,” said Meirivone, who is from Brazil.

“This time we're going to have a girl.

“We really wanted to get pregnant again, Marcelo kept asking when we're going to get another baby, and I said one day.

"There were a couple times I felt nauseous, so I would take a test, but they were negative.

“However, I recently started to get nauseous again, so bought a test from the local pharmacy and it was positive!

"We are so happy. We would love to have a little princess.

“We already have a boy, but if the baby turns out to be one too, we will love them just the same."

The gender of their future baby seems like the kind of thing that Meirivione would have more control of than most mothers, but I digress.

Merivione already shares one rag doll son with Marcelo.
Jam Press

Merivione also spoke about how she hopes this second baby will bring her and Marcelo closer together after a rocky patch in their relationship.

"Since finding out that he cheated on me, we have been very distant," she said.

"We still live in the same house but it isn't the same. But now, because of the baby, things are different.

"Marcelo has been much more affectionate with me and I believe that this will improve our relationship. This new baby will save our marriage."

Of course, it's never healthy to rely on a baby to keep a marriage alive, but that's not exactly anyone's main concern here.

Merivione's pregnancy announcement has got thousands of likes and comments on TikTok with lots of followers congratulating her on the news - yes, really.

"CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DESERVE [IT]," commented one follower.

Merivione hopes the baby will bring her and Marcelo the rag doll closer together.
Jam Press

"I want a relationship like this," wrote another.

Others are, understandably, quite baffled by the news.

"I am speechless," admitted one confused viewer.

"Like where… SO MANY QUESTIONS," a third struggled

And a fourth joked: “I was so happy with her reaction, until I remembered that she is married to a doll."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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