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Woman dubbed one of the world’s ‘most tattooed women’ after spending £144K on them shares rare before photos

Woman dubbed one of the world’s ‘most tattooed women’ after spending £144K on them shares rare before photos

Amber Luke opened up about her tattoo journey, claiming it allowed her to feel like her 'true self'

Whether you’re a fan of body modifications or not, some people believe that it’s a form of expression and that our bodies are simply blank canvases to decorate.

One woman who took that concept and ran with it is Amber Luke, also known as one of the ‘most tattooed women’ in the world.

Having spent a whopping £144,000 on designing her body mods, she recently stunned the internet when she revealed a picture showing what she looked like before she began her tattoo journey.

Also known as ‘Dragon Girl', her throwback left viewers baffled, with some claiming that they would never have recognised it was her.

Having struggled with her ‘inner battles’ before her transformation, Amber claimed that prior to modifying her body, she had been ‘lost’ and ‘disconnected’.

Amber Luke has over 600 tattoos.
Instagram/ @amberluke666

Currently, the Aussie is covered in tattoos - even on her eyeballs - and sports a snake tongue (split tongue).

She captioned her Instagram post: "Pictured on the left - a girl; at that stage feeling lost - feeling disconnected from herself. Pictured right - a woman; at that stage feeling turmoil; although resilience radiates. These two women had a choice.

“To be the person on the left and be miserably ignorant to my own wants and needs in life & was projecting hatred onto others, for the inner pain was too confrontational to stand.

"Or be the woman on the right - someone who dominates their brain and emotions & embraces charismatic traits. I am someone who takes accountability & responsibility.

“I am Amber Luke. You will either love it or f***** despise it.”

Amber explained to her 59,000 followers how she had felt before her tattoo journey and the insecurities she faced.

With over 600 tattoos on her body, Amber is closer to becoming her ‘true self’ than ever.

Followers rushed to support Amber in her journey.
Instagram/ @amberluke666

However, it also came at a cost, as her eyeball tattoo procedure to turn the whites of her eyes blue left her ‘blind’.

Explaining it in a previous video she said: "I went blind after tattooing eyeballs but I have no regrets and won't stop."

Fans rushed to her comments to praise her courage, one said: “I absolutely LOVE YOU! I am so grateful to have met you at the Brisbane tattoo exhibition you have always inspired me so much.

"Keep doing your best. I and so many others are beyond proud of you xo."

Another shared her own struggles: “I've struggled w mental health issues all my life and can relate. One of my favorite stoic maxims is "the day a man (woman) becomes superior to pleasure (s)he becomes superior to pain" when you stop giving a F about what others think, you become your highest self and can conquer pain”.

Someone else did a similar body transformation and claimed that Amber is right to feel liberated: “Defo better with the tattoos, I’ve done the same full bodysuit, and feel better in myself, you look great, don’t let anyone else tell you any different.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@amberluke666

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