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Woman shares powerful reason she faked getting boyfriend's name 'tattooed' on her face

Woman shares powerful reason she faked getting boyfriend's name 'tattooed' on her face

Ana Stanskovsky opened up about the viral stunt

The world was rocked last week when one woman went viral for a pretty bold romantic gesture for her partner.

Content creator Ana Stanskovsky sent the internet into a total frenzy after going viral for appearing to get her boyfriend's name 'tattooed' right across the middle of her forehead.

While Ana has since assured viewers that the whole stunt was, in fact, totally fake, she has since shared the powerful reason as to why she even faked the whole thing in the first place.

Ana Stanskovsky went viral after appearing to get her boyfriend's name 'tattooed' on her forehead.

Speaking to LADbible, Ana explained that the idea first came to her 'two years ago'.

"I just didn't know how to do this video and how to send the message that I always wanted to send and that was my first intention," she explained.

She continued: "I wanted to basically send and spread the awareness of getting tattoos. As you see, I've got so many tattoos in very visible places and, recently, I've been talking to so many people about my tattoos and that I think inspired me even more."

"This is the time to start sharing my tattoo experience and I did it," Ana admitted. "You know, sometimes you have to do something extremely controversial to get a chance to speak up."

Opening up about the absolute frenzy that ensued following the 'tattoo', Ana revealed it went 'absolutely viral'.

She said: "It went so crazy. [The] next day I woke up and I had millions [of] messages, millions [of] messages from friends, family, and just random people like strangers, all of the followers.

"I was all over the news, so I was very shocked. And I realised, 'Oh my God, this video went viral'. So the plan worked!

"I'm all over the news. Everyone [was] talking about me. The prank worked well."

Ana explained that people were 'absolutely shocked' and a 'little bit angry' at her claiming she 'ruined' her face and appearance.

However, after she revealed the tattoo wasn't real and told people to be 'a little bit more smart' about getting tattoos and to not 'rush it', people began sending her 'beautiful messages' instead.

Ana said she wanted to raise awareness over getting tattoos you may 'regret' one day.

"There [are] loads of people who regret tattoos and I thought sharing my experience will help everyone so the messages after the second video when I revealed why I did it and what was the reason - people completely changed," she added.

"I absolutely loved reading comments because people were so lovely," the content creator went on. "So many people regret their tattoos but they say they're a little bit embarrassed of sharing it with everyone because, you know, it's like when you make mistake, you don't really want everyone else [to know].

"You don't want to admit that."

So, what's Ana's best piece of tattoo advice when it comes to someone who is itching to get their first tattoo?

Well, above all, Ana says 'do not rush tattoos' and to wait until you're 25 or 'even longer if you can'.

"I started when I was 18 so that's a little bit too early for me," he added. "25 is like a limit. If you want to get big pieces like me [in] invisible places, wait when you're 30."

The influencer waiting until you're 25 before getting any tattoos.

Explaining that your job and preferences may change at the drop of the hat, Ana warned: "Everything can change and we change because we're humans.

"So the thing you like now, it might not necessarily be good for you in 10 years and you can't speak for your future self because no one can predict, no one knows what [the] future brings."

Ana concluded: "So I think just be very careful and don't make spontaneous decisions. Learn from my mistakes because you [can] clearly see, you know!"

Over the weekend, the influencer took to TikTok to tell her 634.1k followers: "I regret my tattoo."

"All I want to say is that I regret my tattoo... but not this one," she continued while motioning to the 'Kevin' design.

Ana went on: "Because this is not actually a real tattoo," while wiping off the forehead ink.

"And the reason why I tricked the whole internet is that I have a message to young people and all of the people who want to get covered in tattoos," she explained.

Carrying on, Ana warned: "I want everyone to know that I regret my tattoos and you might regret yours when you get older.

"And as a person fully covered in tattoos, I feel like this is my responsibility to speak up, share my experience, and when people see me on social media the first thing they notice about me is my tattoos.

"So if I influence people, I want to influence people in the right way."

She went on to tell her fans that she first got tatted up a decade ago and was told by her mum and mates that she would end up regretting them but refused to take their advice.

"I didn't listen," she said. "Maybe because they didn't have any tattoos. But, if there was a person covered in tattoos saying they regret their tattoos - I would have listened."

The above interview was conducted by Emma Trim.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@anastanskovsky

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