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Woman left temporarily blind after salon ‘forgot to do allergy test on brow tint’

Woman left temporarily blind after salon ‘forgot to do allergy test on brow tint’

Danielle Hubbard was left in agony after the salon didn't perform the legal patch test

Beauty isn’t painless, and sometimes it can by life threatening.

Even something as simple as an eyebrow tint can have devastating consequences if precautions aren’t carries out.

Such as the case of Danielle Hubbard, a support worker who was left temporarily blind after a beautician forgot to do an allergy patch test beforehand.

The worst part? Danielle isn’t able to claim damages against the salon as they 'had no insurance'.

After wanting to look amazing for her holiday in Malta, Danielle decided to get her eyebrows tinted for the first time and swiftly booked an appointment at a beauty salon.

However, the obligatory patch test for first time users wasn’t offered, according to the support worker.

Initially, the treatment seemed to go well, and she didn’t experience symptoms.

But the next morning proved to be different.

Danielle Hubbard wasn't offered a patch test. Kennedy News & Media
Danielle Hubbard wasn't offered a patch test. Kennedy News & Media

After waking up for a concert, she claims her left eye had 'ballooned' and the rest of her face was red, inflamed and painful.

Danielle explained that she was given steroids to treat her reaction at the Royal Blackburn Hospital and swiftly complained to the salon for a refund.

Except, Danielle claims the beautician allegedly showed her 'no remorse' and tried to get her to sign a waiver to state that she had received the patch test if she wanted her money back, but she refused.

That’s when she enlisted the help of a solicitor, but 16 months on and the case went cold due to the lack of insurance the salon had.

According to Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, patch testing is a legal requirement and if a salon doesn’t comply, it can lead to expensive fines.

Danielle, from Blackburn said: "Everything was fine at first.

(Kennedy News Media)
(Kennedy News Media)

"I then went to a concert that night and woke up in the morning and my left eye had ballooned.

"I couldn't see out of my eye. It was completely shut and my eyebrows were tight, crusty, inflamed and red.

"I didn't know what to think when I woke up. I then looked in the mirror and was horrified.

"[After going to hospital] I went back to the shop for a refund but they refused this unless I signed a waiver to say that I had received a patch test [when I hadn't].

"They should get you to sign a waiver [before you have your tint].

"There was no remorse from the salon or any apology. I was livid.

"I just left the shop and came home and contacted a solicitor to try and claim but it has just come back that I can't claim as the business is operating without insurance.

(Kennedy News Media)
(Kennedy News Media)

"The solicitor has been investigating my claim for over a year but I've now been told that I can't take it any further as they [the business] have no insurance and so there is nothing to claim off.

"I'm just frustrated. I don't understand how they [the salon] can get away with causing injuries like this to my face.

"I can't claim or complain as she has nothing [no insurance] to claim against. I've been left angry at the whole situation."

However, Danielle is thankful that she wasn’t left with permanent scaring and instead had to take two weeks of healing and oral steroids.

She did end up going on holiday, despite feeling unhappy with how her face looked and her sister flew out to be with her.

To this day, Danielle hasn’t received compensation for her allergic reaction.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News Media

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