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Woman says she makes nearly £10,000 a month showing off her armpit hair online

Woman says she makes nearly £10,000 a month showing off her armpit hair online

Fenella Fox says she's made nearly half a million in total.

Warning: discusses some themes readers may find distressing

An OnlyFans model has revealed how she rakes in nearly £10,000 every month for showing off her natural armpit hair online.

Fenella Fox, 30, from Worcester says she's made nearly £500,000 in total since she began photographing her body hair on social media around six years ago.

Fenella says she's made nearly £500,000 in total.

Explaining how she got started, Fenella says there weren't many models showing off their body hair at the time.

She told Femail how she decided to start 'letting her body do its natural thing', revealing she was sick of female beauty standards online.

"I stopped wearing makeup, stopped styling my hair [and] stopped shaving," she said.

But despite feeling empowered to reveal her body hair, Fenella's modelling career has posed some concerning challenges over the years.

Not only has the model been subjected to trolling and stalking, but she says she was also 'cornered' by two men in real life.

"A man became obsessed with the idea of raping, torturing and murdering me," she recalled.

"Horrific. I also experienced being stalked in person by another man in January this year and get long email essays from another man online regularly."

Fenella's modelling career has posed some challenges over the years.

Fenella explains that despite the challenges she faces, she has a lot of 'financial freedom' due to the hefty income she receives.

"I travel the world, live in luxury accommodation and eat out whenever I like. I have a lot of financial freedom but the job has taken a huge toll on my mental health," she said.

Unfortunately, Fenella has developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the nasty comments and scary interactions she's had over the years.

Discussing how it affects her family and personal life, she added: "I think my family are happy I'm successful but wish the success was in another industry."

Fenella says she has a lot of 'financial freedom'.

Last year, Fenella spoke out about her lifestyle and how she pretty much ditched deodorant once she started showing off her body hair.

Urging others to do the same, she explained: "I love the natural smell of my armpits and rarely ever wear deodorant. I believe our diet and lifestyle plays a huge part in how we naturally smell.

"I wish more people would learn to embrace their natural odour instead of masking it with unnatural scents.

"A lot of perfume and deodorants just smell unattractive to me."

Discussing her online fans' preferences, she added: "A lot of my fans love the idea of my armpit hair being long and sweaty.

"They just love seeing me sweat and that's how I plan to spend the week. I also find it very attractive when people are sweating at the gym."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/fernellascorner

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