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Wife wants divorce after mother-in-law ignored boundaries and kissed newborn son

Wife wants divorce after mother-in-law ignored boundaries and kissed newborn son

She took to Reddit to open up about the ordeal

One wife has opened up about wanting a divorce from her husband after her mother-in-law ignored her boundaries and kissed her newborn son.

The woman, 34, took to the 'TrueOffMyChest' thread on Reddit to open up a little more about the ordeal and exactly what drove her to leave her hubby, 36, of five years.

She began by explaining her marriage had been 'wonderful' aside from her mother-in-law.

One woman opened up about why she left her husband due to her mother-in-law.
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The woman claimed: "She's always had this emotional incest hold over him and while he does try to come to my defence when she starts her nit picking and sly comments, a lot of the time he drops the ball."

But, everything took a turn for the worse when the wife and her husband welcomed their baby boy and, after three weeks, she admitted she wasn't 'in the space for company' or her mother-in-law's 'flippant comments' about how she was parenting.

"Myself and my husband have both told her we need at least two months to get acclimated and we don't want our son to get sick and she will have to quarantine for at least a week before she can come over to see him," she continued. "That may be a little much but he's my first baby."

After a week of 'badgering', the mother-in-law seemed like she understood the new parents' request and 'assured' her son of it.

However, this clearly didn't last for long as the mother-in-law shortly came over to their house unannounced with balloons, presents, along with the woman's sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and her two friends who she didn't even know.

The woman carried on: "I stood there in horror and shock as she darted towards my baby and kissed his face. She knew he was leaving the second he's gone she does this?! I screamed at her and the family to get the hell out of my house.

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"She called my husband crying and he got back yesterday and told ME that I needed to apologise and she's just happy for the first boy grandchild."

After being brought to tears, especially after her newborn contracted a fever, the woman explained why this situation was the 'last straw'.

She told her husband he needed to tell his mother to 'back off', to which he said she was 'overreacting'.

"I talked to him and I have come to the realisation that I care so much about my baby getting sick but HE doesn't... I'm closing this chapter," the woman revealed.

She added: "I met with a good friend who is a lawyer and I'm getting all my ducks in order. My husband is calling and blowing up my phone.

"I blocked his mother because she was too. I can't block him because he is the father of our child and he does have rights to see his son but I am done.

"He no longer has access to me, he'll have to go through a mediator and only communication will be about our child.

"I'm heartbroken that five years are gone but the fire inside of my from this situation is making it better."

The mum was left 'heartbroken' by the whole situation.
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The woman has since added a series of updates to the initial Reddit post, telling readers that while the situation isn't fixed, she and her husband are setting up therapy on how to deal with the mother-in-law.

She noted: "He did talk to his mother and she did apologise and I do feel like it was genuine because she is very upset that he is sick and DING DONG everyone... she has a cold.

"After she woke up feeling like crap she called him crying and saying that she hopes this doesn't keep her from seeing the baby forever and I assured her just like I've been saying that I was never going to keep her from seeing him forever, she is his grandmother and I would never want to do that."

The woman added: "I told her she can see him after she's gotten over her cold and I explained to her this is what I wanted to prevent."

The mother-in-law seemingly respected the boundary and agreed to wait at least two weeks before she sees the newborn again will wear a mask to be 'extra safe'.

"I don't know what is going to happen with my relationship with my MIL but I hope we can be civil for the sake of our baby boy, who is doing okay if anyone was wondering," she concluded the post.

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