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Waitress 'disrespected and touched' by customers had £1,000 bill paid to her

Waitress 'disrespected and touched' by customers had £1,000 bill paid to her

A waitress who had to deal with the customers from hell ended up getting paid their entire bill

A waitress who had been 'disrespected and touched' by a restaurant's highest ever paying table ended up being paid the proceeds from their bill after the owner heard about it.

Last year, chef and restaurant owner Lee Skeet had his most valuable ever table but did not like the way they'd treated the staff in his restaurant.

The staff waiting tables at a restaurant have a busy and often difficult job making sure every dish gets in front of every diner while also being responsive to the customer's needs.

For many waiting staff, sometimes the pay is often not exactly lucrative and they are often reliant on tips to shore up their wages.

On top of that, they have to put up with other people every day of the job and anyone who's ever worked in a customer facing role can attest that people are just the worst.

With that in mind, Skeet took to social media to post about something which had happened in his restaurant where he posted the text of a email he'd sent to some particular customers.

He thanked them for choosing his establishment and said they'd ended up paying the 'biggest ever bill we've ever had on one table here'.

In total, the table had spent £1,000 at the restaurant, but the chef and restauranteur was getting in touch to offer them their money back because they'd been 'inappropriate' towards Lily, who ran the restaurant's front of house service.

The chef said Lily had been 'talked down to, disrespected and touched unwantedly' by some members of the group who'd been at the table, and told them he would refund their bill minus £100 in the form of a 10 percent tip for Lily, with the diners having neglected to leave a tip when leaving the restaurant.

In exchange for the refund, the chef said he would 'thank you to never come back to my restaurant' as Lily 'means a lot more to me than money'.

However, the chef soon changed his tune as the following afternoon he posted an update saying he 'reacted too quickly and emotionally last night'.

He then revealed that he'd decided he was 'not going to refund the customer's money' and instead decided that Lily deserved to be paid the full £1,000 bill from the rude and disrespectful table.

Naturally this announcement was followed by much praise and celebration for doing the right thing, as rather than the rude customers getting most of their money back and Lily getting £100, she was now getting paid the full £1,000.

At the time, Lily told Radio Wales Drive that she was 'proud of her boss' for 'calling rich people out', adding that she was 'lucky in the fact that her boss backed her up'.

Featured Image Credit: leeskeet13/instagram / Getty Stock Images

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