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Woman sparks debate after exposing sister's ‘secret’ wedding leaving family furious

Woman sparks debate after exposing sister's ‘secret’ wedding leaving family furious

The anonymous woman told her parents about her sister's secret wedding, sparking chaos

A woman has divided the internet after opening up about being the reason her family found out about her sister's secret wedding.

The unnamed woman took to Reddit's notorious r/AITA (Am I The A**hole) forum to ask for advice on whether or not her actions make her a bad person.

She said: "I (25F) come from a close-knit family where we share everything with each other. My older sister, Lily (28F), has always been the golden child. She's smart, beautiful, and basically everything I am not.

"For the past year, Lily has been dating this guy, Mark (30M), and they've been pretty serious. Last weekend, I accidentally found out that they got married two months ago in a secret ceremony.

The sisters have now fallen out. (Getty Stock Image)
The sisters have now fallen out. (Getty Stock Image)

"How did I find out, you ask? Well, I saw her wedding photos on her hidden Instagram account, which she forgot to log out from on my laptop."

She then continues: "I was shocked and hurt that she didn't tell me or our parents.

"I confronted Lily about it, and she begged me not to say anything to anyone because she and Mark wanted to keep it low-key. They plan to have a big ceremony later for everyone."

The writer than explains that their parents had spent 'thousands of dollars' on an engagement party for the pair, so things were 'complicated'.

A secret wedding led to a falling out. (Getty Stock Image)
A secret wedding led to a falling out. (Getty Stock Image)

She continued: "I couldn't stand the thought of them wasting all that money on something that’s already happened.

"So, I told them. I thought they deserved to know the truth.

"Predictably, they were devastated and felt betrayed. They cancelled the party, and now the family is in chaos. My parents are barely speaking to Lily, and she is furious with me for exposing her secret. She claims I’ve ruined everything and that I’m an attention-seeking brat."

The writer concluded: "Some say I did the right thing, while others think I overstepped. I genuinely thought I was helping and saving my parents from further embarrassment and financial loss. But now, I’m not so sure."

She then asked readers to determine whether or nor she's the a**hole - or her sister.

One person wrote: "I’m sorry but you're the a**hole. It sounds like you wanted the opportunity to be the favourite (as you mention she’s the golden child) so you threw her under the bus before even giving her the option to tell them herself or else you would."

Another said: "The sister is an adult, and that's a good time to put on her big girl pants and be honest with her family about what she really wants, instead of lying to everyone, and inevitably causing hurt. It was the lie that caused the hurt, not OP telling people about it."

And a third chimed: "It's actually everyone in this whole story. The kid who needed the secret. The sibling that needed to tell. The parents that needed the engagement party about them."

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