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Woman who was bullied for being 'genuinely ugly' child now makes £30,000 a month from her looks

Woman who was bullied for being 'genuinely ugly' child now makes £30,000 a month from her looks

OnlyFans model April Opal has opened up about how she was bullied as a young child

An OnlyFans model who now earns up to £30,000 a month has revealed how she was bullied for being a 'genuinely ugly child' when she was younger.

April Opal, from Middlesbrough, has opened up on how she's gone from being the 'overweight' girl that 'nobody fancied' to selling racy snaps of herself for a living, which can make her up to a staggering £30,000 a month.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, April said: "I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to the fact that I’m paid for how I look because I was a genuinely ugly kid.

"I got relentlessly bullied for being an ugly kid."

April Opal makes a very comfortable living through OnlyFans.

April, who boasts 80,000 TikTok followers, insists she was 'a genuinely strange child', saying she was 'overweight and I didn’t do my makeup right and all of that s**t'.

“I have been really heavily criticised for how I look and I was never anybody's first choice in school, nobody really fancied me," the model added.

“Which is totally fair enough because you don’t have to be attracted to everyone.

"But it is so strange now in adulthood, I am actually paid for looking a certain way. And I know there is going to be one comment saying ‘you are not paid for how you look it’s for flashing your f***y’… but it is as well, stop lying."

April shared a throwback snap from when she was younger.

April continued: "So yeah it is actually kind of strange, it is like I am constantly waiting for everybody to be like actually 'we are all joking, we don’t like how you look and really we think you are still that weird fat kid'.

"But that hasn’t happened yet so I should probably stop worrying about it."

April also revealed how she turned down studying at a couple of prestigious universities, with her once being in talks with Cambridge and Oxford to be a stem cell researcher.

When she realised just how much money she could make through OnlyFans, April decided to leave education behind.

The model turned down an education at prestigious universities to make a career on OnlyFans.

Speaking of her incredibly comfortable wage, April said: "The only s**t thing is when you earn what I earn you pay half of that to the government so you make £30,000 but you don't really, you make half.

"Don’t get me wrong though, £15,000 isn’t bad, I can spend a month at a time in places so at the moment my money goes into travel, savings or the tax man."

While April's goal now is to set herself up and have fun, she insisted: "I do want to put money aside, buy properties and rent them out going forward."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@itsaprilopal

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