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Woman who makes over £30,000 a month as 'professional girlfriend' plans to retire by 35

Woman who makes over £30,000 a month as 'professional girlfriend' plans to retire by 35

The OnlyFans model earns a living by providing 'emotional support' and 'sensual chat' to lonely men.

An OnlyFans model who makes over £30,000 a month as a 'professional girlfriend' plans to retire in five years.

Jenna Madison, 30 - who has over '2,500 boyfriends' - charges lonely men a premium fee for providing 'emotional online support'.

She insists her relationships are not 'just physical', and develops 'real connections' through OnlyFans and other social channels.

OnlyFans model Jenna Madison, 30, makes over £30,000 a month.

Madison has over 124,000 followers on Instagram and charges a whopping $100 (£78) a minute for custom videos.

Remarkably, the model is estimated to make between $25,000 (£19,000) and $40,000 (£31,000) per month from her job.

But her journey to potential millionaire success was not easy, as her family home went into foreclosure when she was younger, as her mother lost her job.

In order to provide, Madison began secretly stripping for two months until she confessed to her mum, who did not have a problem with it, calling her a 'survivor'.

She insists her relationships are not 'just physical'.

Explaining how her job now works, the OnlyFans star said her boyfriends 'might vent about work, friends or family, or maybe they are looking for a more sensual chat to help them release stress'.

"We have a lot of sexual moments too. I'm always there for them when they need me," Madison explained.

"Because it's not a one-way relationship – these men also satisfy me emotionally and sexually, it really is give and take.

"I've been told my body is the 'ultimate fantasy' because I have a small waist and larger bottom, and D cup breasts.

"But this isn't just physical – I offer a lot of value in other ways. This is also about real connections.

"Being a professional girlfriend has helped me as well because helping others gives me purpose."

Madison has over 124,000 followers on Instagram and charges $100 (£78) a minute for custom videos.

However, it isn't always sunshine and rainbows, as the model explains: "Sometimes it can be emotionally draining and demanding to juggle my real-life partner with my online boyfriends, but it's nothing that a day off can't fix. But I make sure I don't neglect him and keep him satisfied."

Although her real-life boyfriend is 'okay with everything', he doesn't want her filming 'any content with other men'.

In her downtime, Madison admits that she spends a considerable amount of her earnings to keep her looking at her best.

"I have a personal trainer that I spend $100 per session with three times a week... I'm also getting a boob job soon and possibly a nose job," she said.

"I love spending time in nature, going on long walks with my dog and spending time at friends' houses or working out."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@didshereallyomgg

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