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Four predictions Nostradamus made for this year that are still yet to come true

Four predictions Nostradamus made for this year that are still yet to come true

Some believe Nostradamus correctly predicted 9/11 and the rise of Hitler

Whether you like to think of yourself as a die-hard believer in the spirit world, or a hard-faced skeptic, there's one thing you can surely agree on: the notion of an allegedly-accurate psychic is a pretty damn interesting topic of debate.

And with that in mind, it's no surprise that we're still talking about globally-renowned historical 'mystic' Nostradamus.

For those unfamiliar with the man, the myth and the legend, Nostradamus was a famous 16th century prophet who wrote a multitude of accurate predictions during his lifetime.

Believers are convinced he foresaw the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America, as well as 'the rise of Hitler'.

And despite having been dead since 1566, the self-professed seer's estimations for the future of our world have continued to both fascinate and haunt us to this day, with many of his predictions apparently having come true in recent years.

In fact, three days into the New Year this year, one of the astrologer's prophesies was deemed pretty bang on.

"The dry Earth will become more parched and there will be great floods," the Frenchman previously wrote, with many believing this to have been a reference to the tragic earthquake that shook Japan at 4pm on 1 January, killing 48 people and triggering a tsunami.

Nostradamus was a 16th century philosopher. (
Nostradamus was a 16th century philosopher. (

It's no surprise therefore, that many believers have been dreading some more of his most morbid predictions coming true.

And having researched his other prophesies for the future of 2024, it looks as though there are a number which haven't transpired - yet, that is.

A new Pope

Let's start with his beliefs surrounding the potential of a new Pope gracing the Vatican in the remaining six months, which sadly, implies that we'll soon be forced to bid adieu to Pope Francis, 87, who is currently the head of the Catholic Church.

"Through the death of a very old Pontiff, a Roman of good age will be elected, of him it will be said that he weakens his see, but long will he sit and in biting activity," Nostradamus wrote of this year.

Upheaval in the Royal Family

And speaking of wishing goodbye to prominent figures, another prediction which has not yet been proven accurate surrounds the Royal Family.

The 'mystic' seemed to believe there would be trouble ahead for the monarchy, specifically King Charles - who may be the 'King of the Isles' Nostradamus refers to - who will apparently be 'driven out by force' and replaced by 'one who will have no mark of a king'.

Nostradamus' prediction about the Royal Family has not yet come true. (John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty images)
Nostradamus' prediction about the Royal Family has not yet come true. (John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty images)

Some believe this is in reference to King Charles being forced to abdicate with Harry then taking over as opposed to William. Interesting...

Rising sea levels

Nostradamus also believes we will be forced to adjust to an incoming changing of the tides, in another interpretation of that line about the dry earth growing more parched and great floods coming.

With the climate crisis continuing apace, this is already well in the works.

Trouble with China

The philosopher estimated more conflict for 2024, specifically a 'naval battle', explaining that a ‘red adversary will become pale with fear, putting the great ocean in dread’.

Some think this could be in reference to China, a 'red' communist country which has the largest navy in the world.

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