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Woman claims mums shame her because they are ‘jealous' she 'looks this good with no filler'

Woman claims mums shame her because they are ‘jealous' she 'looks this good with no filler'

She opened up about why she reckons other mums aren't friendly with her

Mum shaming has been definitely having a bit of a moment recently, but it seems one mum has been blasted by others based, not on her behaviour, but the way she looks.

The woman has gone as far as to claim that fellow mums shame her because they are 'jealous' of her naturally 'good looks' and 'figure'.

She also reckoned a lot of the backlash was sparked due to the fact she 'looks this good with no filler'.

Amee Gleadell has claimed she gets shamed by other mum who are 'jealous' of her.

Amee Gleadell has always taken pride in her appearance and takes the time to pick out a nice dress and jewellery every day.

The 35-year-old, who is mum to 15-month-old Arthane, has opened up about other mums allegedly judging her at baby groups and has jumped to her own conclusion as to why they are not friendly towards her.

Amee, a caterer, from Lincoln, East Midlands, reckons they're simply just 'jealous' over her, adding: "I look after myself. I’m very natural with it. I don’t wear much make-up."

Dubbing herself a 'natural mum', she carried on: "I have a good figure. I wear dresses and sandals."

She's also sorted pedicure-wise, adding: "I usually have glittery toes.

"It makes me feel better. It makes me feel happy with myself."

We love that body confidence!

The 35-year-old calls herself a 'natural mum'.

Claiming she gets 'looked at' at baby classes, Amee theorised: "I think it is jealousy.

"People are judging me because I haven’t got my lip fillers in or had my hair all done."

After giving birth to her baby, Amee felt it was important to be in good shape for her son.

"I wanted to chase him round the park," she explained. "A lot of mums sit with their coffee and cake.

"I thought 'I’m not going to be that mum'."

Amee hits the gym regularly, goes swimming with Arthane and does yoga every morning to keep fit and eats 'really well'.

And it doesn't stop there.

The mum says she never goes out in scruffy clothes - something she thinks other mums judge her for.

"I don’t go out in trackies," she revealed. "I don’t know why people don’t want to look good or why they can’t be bothered.

"But you don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives. We should just be helping each other."

Amee says people judge her because she hasn't got lip fillers.

And, according to Amee, the judgement she apparently gets from other mums isn't just about her looks, but over her breastfeeding her son in public and at work.

The mum, who runs a catering business on wheels, usually cooks while her son sits on her hip.

"I take my child to work with me. I breastfeed him there," she carried on. "Pervy men stare at you. Other mums judge you.

"Other people are like 'she is breastfeeding and cooking' and judging me for that."

However, she assured: "I'm in control, he's not going to burn.

"It's natural. I shouldn't have to cover up. I was feeding him on the bus. On a bike. At an arcade."

Amee said her husband, Stephen Cefai, 28, a cartoonist, has always loved her 'bubbly' personality, adding: "I’m enjoying myself. I want to live forever – I know you can’t but I have got this zest for life.

"I want to be an amazing mum and partner."

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