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People urged to use 'military sleep method' that will send you to sleep within two minutes

People urged to use 'military sleep method' that will send you to sleep within two minutes

This sleep hack is military approved

I think we can all agree that there's absolutely nothing worse than getting home from a long, arduous day at work, clambering into bed, closing your eyes but being desperately unable to drift off to sleep.

Whether it's been caused by something distressing playing on your mind, or a that triple espresso from lunchtime is still swirling around in your system, it's super frustrating when we just can't seem to get some shut-eye.

Especially because this just makes you even more exhausted for the next day, hence initiating a very bleak and extremely vicious cycle.

In order to remedy this often heartbreaking issue, however, one sleep expert has opened up on a neat trick that they claim is absolutely foolproof when it comes to dozing off - and to make matters better, it's 'military approved'...

The method has been described as foolproof. (Maskot/Getty)
The method has been described as foolproof. (Maskot/Getty)

Fitness expert Justin Agustin, who goes by the handle @justin_agustin online, tried out the 'military sleep method' himself and described the results as 'mind-blowing'.

Justin shared his review of mastering the 120 second technique that now helps him fall asleep anywhere and at any time he wants to and explained exactly how the technique works.

Speaking to camera, Justin said: "According to my research, this was developed mainly for fighter pilots who need 100 percent of their reflexes and focus, which we all know decreases with the lack of sleep.

"To start with, take some deep breaths and start relaxing each and every part of your body - from head to toe.

"Start by relaxing the muscles in your forehead. Relax your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw and focus on your breathing. Now go down to your neck and your shoulders.

"Make sure your shoulders are not tensed up. Drop them as low as you can and keep your arms loose by your side, including your hands and fingers.

"While doing this, imagine a warm sensation going from your head down to your fingertips, before going from your heart to your toes.

"Now, take a deep breath and slowly exhale, relaxing your chest, your stomach, down to your thighs, knees, legs and feet."

Justin continued, explaining how to picture one of two scenarios to ensure you make it into the land of nod.

The hack involves meditation. (Popartic/Getty)
The hack involves meditation. (Popartic/Getty)

He shared: "During the technique, it's important to try and clear your mind of any thoughts and/or stresses. To do this, think of two scenarios.

"One - you’re lying in a canoe on a calm lake with nothing but a clear blue sky above you.

"Two - you’re lying in a black velvet hammock in a pitch black room.

"And, if at any point you feel yourself getting distracted, repeat the words 'Don't think, don't think, don't think' for 10 seconds."

The technique isn't supposed to be effective immediately, and can in fact take weeks of practice to master. Justin told his TikTok viewers that it takes practice of up to six weeks.

He added: "Apparently, 96 percent of people who mastered this technique are actually able to fall asleep within two minutes of shutting their eyes."

Viewers were quick to comment on how the technique has helped them, with one TikTok user writing: "My doctor [taught] me this technique with slight variations when I had insomnia due to PTSD. Trust me it works 100 percent once you get it down."

The sleep hack is military approved. (Getty/Catherine Falls Commercial)
The sleep hack is military approved. (Getty/Catherine Falls Commercial)

Another added: "I'm a military brat and was taught this. I also had a veteran as a psychology teacher in college who taught this. It definitely works."

Some users were already planning to put the technique into practice when they get into bed next, with one commenting: "I’ve got really bad insomnia and nothing works. I get some sleep with a lot of meds, but I never wake up rested. I’m trying this tonight."

Someone else shared: "I have a hard time sleeping due to ptsd and anxiety along with overthinking... Imma try this out seeing how lack of sleep is effecting my life."

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