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Influencer says she loves living on council estate because she can go to the shops in her pyjamas

Influencer says she loves living on council estate because she can go to the shops in her pyjamas

The council estate life has some perks for one influencer

No matter where you live, you can find something to appreciate about the local area.

Even somewhere like a council estate - so often stigmatised within British culture - carries with it some perks.

Trewley-Precious Sunshine lives on a council estate in Essex and loves it.

The YouTube star explained that she is free to walk around looking however she wants, judgement free.

Talking to her followers on TikTok, the 23-year-old filmed herself walking to the shop wearing her dressing gown.

She had her hair rollers in and her eyebrow tint on for good measure.

Many agreed with her assessment of council estates and said they loved the judgement-free atmosphere.

Sunshine explained: "I've got rollers in my hair, I've got tint on my eyebrows... I've got no shoes on, and my dressing gown cord doesn't match my dressing gown.

"And I'm still going to walk with confidence into the shop, and say "Hi, what's happening?"'

During her stroll, she passed members of the public who greeted her on her travels.

Trewley walks with confidence around her council estate.

As she drew nearer to the shop, she noticed that some vans had parked in the car park.

Although she admitted to hoping that nobody would be sitting inside the vehicles, she still walked past and cheerfully said "Hello boys!"

Evidently, she isn't one to be deterred by what other people think of her.

And I suppose, if you live in a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone, that's the perfect environment to be in.

Many viewers took to the comment section and agreed with her observation.

One fan said: "Nothing beats a council estate! Love being British."

Another viewer added: "Dressing gown is an essential when going out," while someone else wrote: "Best times of my life was living on a council estate."

A fellow pj fan added: "I love going [to the] shop in pjs."

This comes after Sunshine revealed the unusual names of her other siblings.

When a fan complimented her own unique name, Sunshine responded with a video.

She first thanked the viewer before going on to list her siblings: "Starting off with me you know, the prettiest and the youngest, my name is Trewley-Precious."

Next up was her sister - Honey Peaches Amba.

Then there was Ruby Anne Ysobella - 'Spelt with a Y and O, not an A.'

The last sister's name may be the most quirky, as she simply replied 'Pearly Girl' when asked.

Each to their own, I suppose.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@trewleyprecious

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