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Husband invoiced own wife £700 for completing six-hour deep clean of house

Husband invoiced own wife £700 for completing six-hour deep clean of house

The absolute audacity

A man has revealed how he invoiced his own wife £700 after he deep cleaned their house.

Marc Hatch, who runs his own cleaning business, Clean Me, set to work deep cleaning the home he shares with his wife Jasmine and their three kids.

But he was left moaning on social media after his payment request was ignored.

Marc invoiced Jasmine for the deep clean.
Kennedy News and Media

Marc, from Doncaster, sent the invoice to Jasmine, only for her to reply telling him to essentially do one.

"I'm always winding her up. We do it to each other, me to her more than anything," he said.

"We have an ongoing joke about things that we should get paid for. If I've got the kids I'll say to her 'I'm babysitting the kids, where's my babysitting money?'

"She's like 'they're your kids you don't babysit your own kids'.

"I normally just say it to her [about payment] but I thought 'you know what I'll send her a message'.

"She was sitting next to me when I sent it. I pretended I was messaging someone else and she looked at me, started laughing straight away and replied instantly.

"Sometimes she'll react like that, sometimes she'll laugh, sometimes she'll blow her top if I push too far but it's always light-hearted."

He sent her the invoice via message.
Kennedy News and Media

Marc had been cleaning a large corner sofa, three bedroom carpets and a stone floor, which took him around six hours.

"It took me half a day, it was hard work. I remind her of that all the time as well," he added.

"That would have cost £700, she got a bargain there. We do the sofa regularly but I do a clean like that every six months."

After Marc shared Jasmine's sassy response to his joke, the post went viral and received heaps of comments.

"She's like 'I've gone viral, I don't have to be a nurse anymore I can just sit here and live off the fame," Marc said.

"I'm going to have to start wearing disguises when I go out' and that type of thing. Jasmine's absolutely loving it.

"From a marketing perspective it's great as well. I love making people laugh, to see a smile on someone's face and to know you've done it is really satisfying.

"She's not paid the £700 yet."

Marc spent six hours deep cleaning.
Kennedy News and Media

Jasmine explained that when she receives these kinds of messages from Marc, she simply threatens to bill him for all of her hard work such as childcare, cooking, cleaning and all the other millions of things mums do every day.

"He won't be getting that payment of £700. There will be some response to him I'm just biding my time," she admitted.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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