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Woman left baffled because husband didn't gift her a house after she gave birth to their baby

Woman left baffled because husband didn't gift her a house after she gave birth to their baby

She took to TikTok to open up about the situation

A woman seems to have been left baffled because her husband didn't gift her a house after she gave birth to their baby.

Linda Andrade, who goes by the handle @lionlindaa online, took to TikTok to share with her followers a little more about her push present.

She started off the video telling the viewers: "Postpartum depression is so real because what if you get the wrong push present? Then you already had the baby and then your hormones are just crazy?"

Linda revealed she was 'annoyed' after not getting a mansion as a push present.

The TikToker joked: "That's literally a nightmare, especially if you had a baby with a broke man.

"I always tell you guys don't have babies with broke men."

Linda went on to say her postpartum depression was 'OK' as her husband got her a new bag, a Diamond Cartier and a new car.

However, the mum was left 'a little annoyed' because she had asked him for a mansion and he bought her a condo instead.

While admitting it was still in the 'best neighbourhood', the woman explained it was still just a condo.

She continued: "Pregnancy was pretty amazing but that's because I had a baby with a rich man."

She took to TikTok to open up about her pregnancy.

Linda explained she and her hubby were 'going out, having fun shopping, eating the best food, [and] flying all over the world'.

"So if that's not incentive enough, just think about this," she jokingly advised. "Having a baby with a broke man is kind of getting in the way of natural selection if you think about it, so let's not contribute to the downfall of evolution."

Linda finished up by saying: "But having a daughter is amazing because I can buy her cars, shoes, bags, diamonds - her future husband has a lot to compete with for sure."

The TikToker did, however, admit she was 'a little worried' about her husband 'spoiling her more than me', adding: "But whatever we'll see. Anyways, don't have a baby with a broke man. Okay, bye."

She captioned the clip: "Natural selection pls thank youuu."

Even though the TikToker was obviously being sarcastic, dozens upon dozens of people have since rushed to the comments to share their reactions to the video, with one TikTok user writing: "You guys can hate on her but she deserves to be spoiled she has been with him through the hard times."

A second pointed out: "Y'all she is joking. She actually seems like a genuine sweet woman."

"This girl is sarcastically funny," praised a third, while a fourth chimed in: "I love her!"

And, a final TikTok user penned: "You make serious things seem lighter!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/lionlindaa

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