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Horrific video shows puppy desperately squealing as thief dressed as delivery driver snatches him

Horrific video shows puppy desperately squealing as thief dressed as delivery driver snatches him

The burglar breaks his way into the Essex home before snatching the terrified puppy, with the heart-breaking theft caught on camera.

***Warning: some viewers may find this video distressing.***

It’s every dog lover’s worst nightmare: having their beloved pup snatched.

For one Essex owner though, it became a horrific reality when a burglar broke in with a hammer and dogknapped their 16-month-old Dachshund, Twiglet.

Shockingly, the incident was captured on CCTV and shows how the theft grabbed the poor pooch before fleeing the scene.

As a nation of dog lovers, it’s almost unthinkable that someone would treat an animal with such cruelty, but it happened earlier this week (July 26).

The heartless thief broke in and snatched the little pup.
Essex Police

Pulling up in a blue Mercedes, the burglar posed as a fake delivery driver complete with a high-vis jacket and cap.

The cruel thief then went about their horrific plan, breaking into the property in Catmere End, Saffron Walden, and smashes his way through the patio doors with a hammer.

Unsurprisingly, the young pup was terrified and desperately tries to flee their attacker through the kitchen.

You can even hear its heart-breaking yelps being heard on the CCTV, during the mid-afternoon break-in.

Hammer still in hand though, the theft then corners Twiglet and grabs the helpless pup by the snoot and hind legs to stop it escaping.

Police made an appeal for Twiglet's safe return.
Essex Police

In mere moments, the little pup is brutally snatched, with the owner left fearing the worst.

Speaking about the case, Detective Inspector Jamie Stirland told the press: “This burglary has been incredibly distressing for the victims and as the public can imagine, they just want to see the safe return of Twiglet.”

The officer also appealed for the pup’s safe return and added: “Thefts such as these are rare and we are taking this investigation seriously and carrying out multiple enquiries, including reviewing CCTV in the area.”

However, the story does have a happy ending though.

Thankfully, the beloved dog has been reunited with it's owner.
Essex Police

After Essex Police’s appeal for information, a member of the public was able to alert the owner to Twiglet’s whereabouts.

Thankfully, the little sausage dog was returned just a day later and was reunited with its beloved owner on Thursday night (July 27).

In an update about the case, Essex Police released a statement on behalf of the owner, which read: “Twiglet’s owner is grateful to the public for all their support and sharing the appeal which was seen by a member of the public who was able to reunite Twiglet with its owner.”

“They are truly grateful and happy that their dog is safely back with them, unharmed.”

Despite this, the investigation is far from over and the local authorities are still looking for more information about the horrific incident, in the hope of locating the burglar.

Here’s hoping the thief is in the dog house soon!

Featured Image Credit: Essex Police

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