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Man makes ‘hilarious’ mistake after accidentally gifting fiancée ‘wrong’ Dyson product

Man makes ‘hilarious’ mistake after accidentally gifting fiancée ‘wrong’ Dyson product

A man accidentally gifted his girlfriend a Dyson hand dryer for Christmas

Whether you plan your Christmas presents in advance or make a last-minute dash to the shopping centre, gift-giving can be stressful.

But it’s even worse if you get it wrong.

Instead of stressing about this though, one man decided to poke fun at his fiancée on Christmas Day, and the results are pretty hilarious.

If your partner is a wind-up, you’ll know how this is going to go.

Often times, there are simple mistakes made when selecting a gift which leads to a bit of a mix-up or miscommunication about what the other person wants.

But this is where the joke came in to play.

One woman desperately wanted a new branded kitchen gadget, but her partner kind of obliged in the sense that the brand was correct.

So, instead of getting her a great air fryer, he got her a hand dryer? Whatever floats your boat.

Angus Duncan decided to prank his partner in the most hilarious way.

However, it was a Christmas wind-up.

It all began when Angus Duncan, a photographer, wrote online about his planned prank of his partner: “Apparently I got my fiancée the wrong Dyson Air-thingy?”

Attaching a photo of a Dyson Airblade hand dryer along with his fiancé’s reaction, it was a pretty good gag.

The funny picture was captioned: “WHY DID YOU GET ME A HAND DRYER”.

With eight exclamation marks in the working, it was clear that she wasn’t expecting a hand dryer to turn up as part of her presents.

It’s something you’re more likely to see in the pub toilets than anywhere else.

Speaking to Metro, Angus remarked: “This is worse than the time I accidentally sent my Santa letter to Satan.”

Angus's prank caught the attention of hundreds of commenters.

Of course, a joke like this is unlikely to go amiss online, especially on X (formerly Twitter).

It wasn’t long until his post gained hundred of comments and attention from users who found the whole thing hilarious.

One person wrote: “Don’t worry it’ll all blow over," while another said: “Some people are just so ungrateful.”

But some believe that it was an air fryer that his fiancée had wanted instead, or more realistically, a Dyson hair wrap hair dryer.

However, it’s probably the same price as the hand dryer as they can cost hundreds of pounds.

With no clarification on the post about whether said partner wanted an air fryer or hair dryer, I guess the hand dryer was a good guess after all?

In a repose to his newfound popularity, Angus went on to declare that: “So, I’m an influencer now in the world of hand dryers. Purchase a Dyson Airblade using the link below and I will earn a commission. Yes, I am entirely serious..”

So, at least something fun has come from this!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@angusduncan / X/@Angus_Duncan

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