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'Yule Cruel' is the horrible new dating trend to look out for this Christmas

'Yule Cruel' is the horrible new dating trend to look out for this Christmas

It can help some daters save money, but leaves others heartbroken

Christmas can be a bittersweet time of year, especially for newly-formed couples or recent relationships.

On the one hand, the festive period can be super romantic; hand-in-hand walks through the snow, Christmas movie date nights and mulled wine-fuelled trips to the German markets.

But it can also bring up one particularly awkward conversation about whether or not you and you're partner have been together for long enough - or are, in fact, serious enough - to exchange gifts.

If, however, you were under the impression that your brand new 'situationship' was more like a fling - or if your purse strings are understandably tight due to the cost of living crisis - there's a brand new way of getting out of the whole gift-giving spiel.

According to relationship expert and founder of the Wingman App Tina Wilson, there's actually an official - and fittingly festive - term to describe the act of breaking up with your partner to avoid spending money on their Christmas presents.

She warns however, that this new trend will guarantee some broken hearts.

Avoid the 'Yule Cruel' this Christmas.
Getty/Elizaveta Starkova

Tina exclusively told Tyla that the correct lingo is the 'Yule Cruel' and that those looking for true love this winter might want to remain on the look-out for it.

The dating pro explained: "The Yule Cruel is more awful as it goes one step further by being even more insensitive and selfish.

"The cruelness of a partner accepting an early Christmas gift from their lover to then dump them before Christmas Day to avoid reciprocating expensive gifts, leaving the other party upset.

"The cost of living crisis will likely lead to this growing dating trend this year, with people prioritising personal finances over emotional connections during the upcoming festive season."

The 'Yule Cruel' can help some daters save money, but leaves others heartbroken.
Getty/Catherine Falls Commercial

Catching up with Tyla, Tina also revealed that there's actually another dating term that lonely hearts want to avoid, to describe a more savage form of the already-dreaded 'ghosting', in that it happens during the Christmas period.

The term in question? 'Mistletoeing'.

According to the expert, this can be defined by 'a burst of intense romance which then follows a sudden or unexplained disappearance. Just like kissing under the mistletoe'.

Elaborating on her description, Tina said: "When two people inadvertently find themselves beneath the plant, the expectation and initial enthusiasm for passion and a kiss is strong but can be short lived."

Tinselling is a brand new dating term.

She also coined the term 'tinselling' to describe when couples attempt to ignore or even conceal the cracks in their relationship during the run up to the holidays.

This is seemingly an apt name for this brutal relationship stage, being that tinsel is often used to cover up gaps or rough patches on a Christmas tree.

"[Couples will] choose to maintain a facade of harmony and togetherness," Tina said. "All while overlooking unresolved problems in the relationship.

"The name draws inspiration from the shiny, cheerful veneer of tinsel which is used to decorate during the festive season, covering what is beneath."

Get in touch with Tina at or check out the Wingman App - a free dating app that lets your friends play matchmaker.

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