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Rockells Cabin: You Can Enjoy A Detox In This Cabin That Locks Your Phone Away For Three Days

Rockells Cabin: You Can Enjoy A Detox In This Cabin That Locks Your Phone Away For Three Days

The cabin overlooks the glorious Essex countryside and encourages visitors to ‘get bored’.

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

If, like us, your screen time has been slowing creeping up during the pandemic, it might be time for a digital detox.

For those who don't trust themselves to put their phone in a drawer for a day without taking a peak, the secluded Rockells Cabin, just one hour outside of London, will physically lock your phone away for three whole days, so you basically have no choice but to relax.

Unplugged overlooks the glorious Essex countryside (

With giant windows overlooking the glorious Essex countryside, the itinerary - aptly named Unplugged - encourages visitors to 'get bored' in order to breed brilliance (their words, not ours) while giving you time to think.

Don't worry, you won't be sat around twiddling your thumbs all day as there are lots of ways to keep yourself entertained, such as using some old school tech including a polaroid camera, board games and books.

You'll also have a fridge, shower and gas cooking equipment, plus a pair of wellies perfect for some winter walks - your doggos are welcome, too.

Your phone will be locked away for three days (

While we love the thought of being socially disconnected for a few days, if you're really struggling, you have the permission of owners Ben Elliot and Hector to smash open the box it's hidden in and retrieve it.

Speaking of the new hideaway, Ben said: "When we tell others the concept, they have one of three reactions; 'I need this', 'my partner needs this' or 'you actually lock away peoples phones'.

"To be honest I was in the third camp when Hector first pitched that plan to me. I laughed, then felt nervous and ultimately thought, I'm not sure if I could cope without my phone for three minutes let alone three days.

There are books to keep you entertained (

"But now with us all stuck inside, we are all working almost an hour extra each day so the reaction is now 'God I do really need this'.

"Not only have all of our work meetings moved online, but lots of our conversations with friends are also through our devices as well.

"With no real boundary between work and home, we're rolling between one device to another and I think now more than ever, busy city workers are looking to truly disconnect."

Ben Elliot and Hector are the men behind Unplugged (

The idea was inspired by the 10 days Hector once spent at a Buddhist retreat. Upon returning refreshed, he and Ben wondered why they needed to fly all the way to the Himalayas for a break.

Hector said: "We're both from the tech world and are very much not anti-technology. We love it too, but we just think busy city workers can really benefit from some true time offline.

"We actually encourage guests to get bored. Boredom gets a bad rap these days. Of course there are beautiful walks, board games, polaroid cameras, postcards to send and cassettes to play.

"What guests have really enjoyed about their stay is doing a whole lot of not much and just truly switching off.

The box in which your phone will be locked away (

According to Ben, feedback for the cabin has been universally positive so far and none of the guests have resorted to smashing the glass box to get to their phones. October is already fully-booked too, so it seems a lot of people are after a break.

Think you can manage it? A three-day digital detox stay costs from £390 and to make a booking, head on over to the website.

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