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Woman’s hips tripled in size after giving birth to eight kids

Woman’s hips tripled in size after giving birth to eight kids

The mum-of-eight said her body left her too 'embarrassed' to get married

A woman says her hips have tripled in size after giving birth to eight children.

Rubi, from Florida, US, said she first noticed a change to her hips and thighs after going through her fourth pregnancy, explaining she struggled to lose weight off her hips no matter how much exercise she did.

You can see her talk about her body here:

Rubi appeared on TLC’s Awake Surgery, where she revealed that she struggled to fit into her jeans and couldn’t wear a dress as it left her ‘looking like a boat’.

The mum-of-eight said she had even put off plans to marry her long-term partner because she was ‘embarrassed’ about her body.

“I’ve been with my boyfriend almost ten years; we have talked about getting married but I can’t see myself in a wedding dress because I feel so embarrassed about my thighs,” she said.

Rubi appeared on the show to undergoing life-changing surgery to slim down her hips, but admitted to feeling ‘very scared [and] anxious’ about it.

Rubi first noticed a change to her hips and thighs after going through her fourth pregnancy.

Dr Meegan Gruber took a look at Rubi’s hips and admitted to being ‘shocked’, noting that she had ‘really never seen a condition like this before’.

The doctor then showed Rubi how she could look after having liposuction on her hips and a procedure to remove her excess skin.

Brave Rubi opted to have the operation while awake - but numbed, of course - with fat being sucked out from her hips and thighs.

Immediately after the procedure, Rubi was shown her new hips and was absolutely delighted with the results, saying she was close to crying.

Dr Gruber was also happy, adding: “When I see these results, I’m just over the moon about it.”

Speaking once her wounds were healed, Rubi said: “Having my hips fixed is life changing for me.

Rubi had surgery to slim down her hips.

"I can literally wear anything and not worry about covering up, not worrying about hiding.”

Her daughter, Juliana, also noticed a dramatic change in her mum’s confidence.

“She has been a completely different person. She’s wearing fitted jeans, tighter shirts. She looks amazing and I can tell that she’s glowing more,” Juliana said.

Even more amazing, is that Rubi was so happy with her new-look that she finally agreed to marry her boyfriend.

“Before I could never think about even seeing myself in a dress and now, after 10 years with my boyfriend, I am finally getting married,” she said.

Talking about the change the surgery made to her life, Rubi added: “It feels like I was trapped in something that I couldn’t get out of and now I’m free.”

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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