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People Are Feeling Old After Not Knowing What AMOS Means

People Are Feeling Old After Not Knowing What AMOS Means

Do you know what AMOS means?!

People on TikTok are feeling mega old after admitting they don't know what AMOS means.

In a video shared on @swipetalk's TikTok, hosts Isabella Marano and Simone Nicole are discussing a man's Tinder bio.

Reading it aloud in front of the camera, the pair are confused when they come across the word AMOS.

You can find out what it means in the video below:

And other TikTokers said they felt mega old after hearing what the acronym means.

One person wrote: "Not me thinking he spelt love wrong in Spanish 💀😭."

While another said: "SO THATS WHAT IT MEANS good lord I feel ancient."

And a third added: "Ok so we’re all old."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Am I THAT old that I don’t know slang anymore? 😭😭."

"Time to check myself into a retirement home," added a fifth.

And a sixth wrote: "I thought it meant all my other social media."

The pair were trying to work out what AMOS means (

Some TikTokers, however, claimed they didn't know what the acronym stands for, despite being 'young' themselves.

One person wrote: "I didn't know that and im 19."

While another added: "I’m almost 21 and I didn’t know what that meant till this video."

And a third said: "I’m 22 I didn’t know what that meant nobody feel old please."

In other TikTok dating news, women have been feeling 'attacked' after one man shared his 'biggest ick' on the video sharing site.

One man shared his 'biggest ick' (

Sharing a video of a date with a woman who appears to be his girlfriend, the man wrote: "Lads... I've found the biggest ick."

And after sharing the clip, people were fuming, with one person pointing out: "Some of us just can’t reach the floor ok 😭."

While another said: "What this is adorable."

And a third added: "I FEEL SO ATTACKED RN."

You can read more on that - and watch the video - here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@swipetalk

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