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Women 'Feel Attacked' After Guy Shares His Biggest Ick

Women 'Feel Attacked' After Guy Shares His Biggest Ick

People are fuming.

A man on TikTok has shared his 'biggest ick' and women are fuming.

Sharing a video of a date with a woman who appears to be his girlfriend, the man wrote: "Lads... I've found the biggest ick."

You can watch the video below:

And after sharing the clip, people were fuming, with one person pointing out: "Some of us just can’t reach the floor ok 😭."

While another said: "What this is adorable."

And a third added: "I FEEL SO ATTACKED RN."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "We can’t help it🥺😩."

And a fifth said: "Excuse me sir. She’s cute. No Ick in sight!"

"Damn this didn't have to hit home so hard😫😂," said a sixth.

One man shared his 'biggest ick' (

"I think she is just happy and comfy around u," wrote another.

In other TikTok news, last month we told you about the clever trick that means you can avoid waiting in line to get into a club or bar.

You can watch the trick below:

People are loving the idea, with one person commenting: "This is why I love women like we r literally so cute how we can just talk to each other and look out for one another."

While another said: "Yes this save you so much time."

And a third added: "When girls got other girls back! love it!"

While a fourth commented: "I love an honest queen."

Meanwhile, in other TikTok news, one woman discovered her partner was cheating after spotting a video on the content sharing platform.

This TikTok fairytale didn't have a happy ending. (

TikTok user @micarenee had originally posted a video, asking people to help her find a man who had approached her on the beach.

She wrote: "TikTok, help me find this man I met in Miami. He walked right in the ocean to introduce himself to me. I was lit when he gave me his number 😫 I'm counting on yaw! Hopefully he ain't married 🥴."

Unfortunately, Mica's TikTok callout went viral, she was contacted by his wife... You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: @sagxr.seaszn/TikTok

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