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Woman transforms dated old person’s house into dream home leaving people stunned

Woman transforms dated old person’s house into dream home leaving people stunned

The results are incredible

TikTok has changed a lot since those the days of viral dance trends during the pandemic, hasn't it?

I don't think that is any more evident that a TikTok uploaded to the popular video-sharing platform by a very proud homeowner.

Jodie, who goes by the name of @smithhome on the app, has been updating her followers ever since she purchased a rather dated, old person's house.

And in a video uploaded back in May, the TikToker shared a 'before and after' of her home.

The results really do speak for themselves, as the makeover looks that stunning you'd expect it to be something out of an interiors brochure.

The footage starts off with what the house looked like before all of the renovation work, and to say it looked old-fashioned is certainly an understatement.

A before photo of the kitchen.

A first obvious is that the garden was completely knackered, while most of rooms were painted beige and had some rather out-dated floral carpets - something you'd expect to find in your grandma's house, really.

Pics of the previous living room certainly grabbed a lot of people's attention, as it boasted a bright blue swirl print carpet with short, floral curtains.

What the living room looked like before the renovation.

Meanwhile, the dated kitchen included some pre-historic brown tiles, alongside some mismatched wallpaper.

Then came the remarkable bit, as Jodie showcased what she had done with the place, and the results are beyond impressive.

The rather outdated brown tiles in the kitchen have been switched out for a sleep design, with a statement high ceiling window.

What the kitchen now looks like...

Once you've got past how amazing the kitchen looks, the revamped garden can also be seen, complete with sun loungers and a parasol.

All hallways have received the modern day treatment, while the cosy living room has a new wooden floor.

The bedroom is finished with what looks like an extremely comfy bed, though the bath tub in the room has left a lot of viewers rather perplexed.

Many were perplexed by the bathtub in the bedroom.

While many loved the new, sleek design, many TikTok users who flocked to the comment section couldn't get past the fact the bath is in the bedroom.

One person wrote: "I love it… just one concern, umm why is the bathtub in the bedroom?"

A second added: "Love it, but why is the bathtub in the bedroom?"

On the other hand, a third remarked: "Why is everyone mad about the bath in the bedroom? That would be my dream so my partner can hang with me while I bathe."

While a final user praised: "Wow! Great job... looks amazing."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_smithhome

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