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People are praising mum's heartwarming Christmas tradition

People are praising mum's heartwarming Christmas tradition

We've got to start doing this.

Many families have their own festive traditions which they carry out over the run-up to Christmas.

Some long-held festive habits are a little more weird and wonderful, like one woman who admitted that she washes her Christmas tree, while others are a bit more heartfelt.

And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t touched by one mum’s heartwarming Christmas tradition which she shared recently on Facebook.

Taking to the ‘FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS’ group on the social media site, Corrine Ovenstone shared a photo of their newly decorated Christmas tree in the background whilst they held up an envelope.

Many families have their own festive traditions.

Written on the envelope was the word ‘Takeaway’ with a smiley face, and had an overlay of text which read: “Buzzing pulled the Christmas tree out for the kids to decorate and boom, out falls an envelope [that] I put money in when I wrapped it last year for a takeaway.

“Chinese [takeaway] is en route.”

“Good idea for this year, this has made my night. I for one will be making this a tradition in my house,” Corrine captioned the post, revealing that they will be doing this gesture each year from now on.

Others quickly flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts about the tradition, with one person writing: “Love this…”, while another added: “Good idea!”

People were touched by the mum’s heartwarming Christmas tradition.
Corrine Ovenstone/Facebook

Someone else loved the sentiment, writing: “Such a good idea … Enjoy!”

“This is going to be a family tradition for us now as a family, thank you,” someone else said.

Others have already tried this out for themselves, noting that they have the same tradition in their family.

“We do this,” one parent admitted. “A great find in the Xmas boxes! We put cash in an envelope with a bottle of fizz and a card with our Christmas wishes for the year gone by.

"We read the wishes to see what came true, drink the fizz while we do the tree then get a takeaway.”

They tucked away enough money for a takeaway the next year.

Another also has a similar tradition, adding: “I do this. I also write myself a card/letter and put it in the box to read next Christmas. This year's card made me cry. A bit strange that my past self brought me to tears...”

Meanwhile, others noted that with the rising cost of living and inflation, filling an envelope with what might be a suitable amount for a takeaway this year might not cut it when you open the envelope next year.

“The negative part though is you'd be lucky to get a takeaway in Dec 2022 for the price of one which was in Dec 2021. You need to add extra for inflation allowance,” one person pointed out.

Featured Image Credit: Goddard New Era/Alamy Stock Photo

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