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Foil Hack Cleans Jewellery In Minutes

Foil Hack Cleans Jewellery In Minutes

So quick and easy!

Cleaning our jewellery to get it looking shiny and new is one of those jobs that gets pushed to the bottom of our list. It's messy and can take ages...or so we thought.

A TikTok user has shown the ultimate time-saving hack to getting our jewellery clean in minutes with minimal mess. Sign us up.

Watch the video here:

In the TikTok video, that has racked up nearly 70,000 likes, the account @lifeprettyhacks shows how to quickly clean jewellery using a bowl, hot water and aluminium (in this case it's from an empty medicine packet).

The method is simple, you pour enough hot water into a small bowl and submerge your silver jewellery alongside aluminium. Let it sit for a few minutes and then remove your jewellery. Pat dry and voila, shiny silver jewellery!

Other TikTok users have been quick to praise the hack stating they've done it for years but often with other ingredients too: "salt ,hot water, and aluminium foil, that's the trick".

A small bowl with hot water is the starting point for this jewellery cleaning hack. (

Others sometimes use baking soda, as it can act as an active cleaning agent to remove grime or dirt from silver jewellery without damaging the metal. Silver polish products can often remove the outer layer of metal, which in time will damage the jewellery and leave it looking tarnished.

The chemistry behind this simple hack is, well, simple. The reason aluminium works so well, is because a chemical reaction is taking place.

Aluminium acts as the main ingredient for a chemical reaction. (

This video is one of many hacks that have been getting attention recently, as TikTok users share their secrets for everything from DIY to relationships to food and drink.

This hack for upgrading popcorn with Malteasers chocolate is one that has had us drooling ever since.

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