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People Are Making Malteser Chocolate Popcorn And We're Drooling

People Are Making Malteser Chocolate Popcorn And We're Drooling

Did someone say movie night?

We've just discovered our new favourite movie snack with this Malteser chocolate popcorn recipe - prepare to be obsessed!

Shared on TikTok by cooking page @foodttik, this trick to get your salty cinema snack tasting like smooth Malteser chocolate is going viral, with users trying to recreate the recipe from home.

Check out the video here:

We all know and love the ritual of dumping your share bag of Maltesers on top of your bowl or bucket of popcorn before the movie starts, but this recipe makes that process just a little bit more gourmet.

But be warned! Some variations of this recipe could leave you with a mound of burnt chocolate and unpopped kernels. So proceed with caution.

In the video, we see the TikTok chef take a bucket of Maltesers (where can we pick that up, by the way?) and pour them into a pan.

Next, they pour a pot of melted butter on top, soaking the Maltesers, before dumping the popcorn kernels on top.

While mixing all of the ingredients together, the heat is turned on low, and a lid is placed on top of the pan to allow the popcorn to slow cook in the melted chocolate.

The results are nothing short of a masterpiece, and TikTok viewers couldn't help but agree.

Not to brag but we've just found your next favourite movie snack. (

"And my new year new me is gone," commented one user.

"Omg doing this," wrote another.

After testing out this method, TikTok users reported back with their results, but struggled to get the recipe right.

One user commented: "The chocolate would burn before the popcorn even gets close to being hot enough to pop." Another wrote: "Burnt chocolate. I'm assuming this is what you're going for?"

Thankfully, some fellow popcorn-fanatics were able to help them out, explaining that there were some simple tricks they could try to avoid burning the chocolate.

Some users suggested that the key was to use lots of butter rather than oil, and cook it all on a low heat.

"Everyone saying it's impossible while watching the video of it being possible. Add BUTTER!" read one comment.

Others claimed that the key to a successful Malteser-popcorn mix was to wait until the popcorn starts popping before adding the chocolate.

We can't wait to experiment with this one!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Unsplash

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