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Woman admits she split from partner because she can't have a baby 'the natural way'

Woman admits she split from partner because she can't have a baby 'the natural way'

She made the anonymous confession on This Morning

The decision to have children can be a tricky one for most couples to navigate, but one women has revealed it meant the heartbreaking end of her relationship.

Speaking anonymously to agony aunt Dear Deidre on ITV's This Morning, she explained how she and her partner still love each other, but chose to split after he couldn't get over the idea of not having children naturally. You can listen to her heartwrenching story below:

Speaking via a phone-in hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and using the name 'Jess', she shared: "I can't have children naturally and we do want to have children and I have my own eggs."

She then explained how the couple had separated after her partner struggled with the idea of not having children naturally.

However, the pair were still very much in love, as Jess added: "We've been seeing each other for a few weeks now because all the love and wanting to be with each other is still there and we want to get married."

Jess then asked the This Morning team whether there was any advice for wanting to overcome the issues of having children together.

The caller admitted her relationship breakdown on ITV's This Morning with Holly and Phillip.

In response, Deidre asked whether the couple had discussed the issue of parenthood again since they began rekindling their relationship.

Reassuring the listener, Deidre said that not being able to have children the natural way can be difficult to accept, but did add that it may be a question of Jess' partner 'understanding more about fertility and what is available these days'.

She also urged Jess to consider the support of charities and organisations including Fertility Network UK.

She explained: "I think that if he gets a better understanding of the options available, he still can have a child.

"It will be his child, so he doesn't have to feel as though he's cut off from having a baby naturally."

Agony Aunt Deidre offered her advice.

Viewers watching flocked to social media to share their support for caller Jess after her confession.

One viewer tweeted: "#ThisMorning Having a baby doesn't necessarily solve the problem.

"He's not seen it from your situation, I think he's being very selfish."

Another tweeted: "Kids just paper over the cracks, they don’t fix the problem #ThisMorning."

A third added: "Nice of him to stand by you Jess #thismorning."

The segment ended with Jess thanking Deidre and hosts Phil and Holly for their advice.

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandr Davydov / Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo

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