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Woman Horrified By Bizarre Way Stranger Found Her Phone Number

Woman Horrified By Bizarre Way Stranger Found Her Phone Number

'The audacity of some people.'

A woman was left in shock after she received a text message from a stranger who got her mobile number in the most unexpected way possible.

The anonymous dog owner had gone out with her pooch for a walk when a stranger stopped to pet her dog.

Later, the woman was sent an unusual message from the same stranger who confessed to saving her phone number after spotting it on her dog’s collar.

The first text message read: “Hey, I got your phone number from your dog’s collar. Thanks for letting me pet her. We should hang out. :)”

The text message was shared on Reddit.

After several hours had passed, the stranger sent a follow-up message. “Hello?” they said, wondering why the dog owner hadn’t responded.

The stranger quickly sent another text: “Why do you even have your number on her collar if you don’t want people to text you? What the f**k such a tease.”

It is not uncommon for dog owners to include their phone numbers as well as other contact details on their pet’s collars in the tragic event the dog ever goes missing.

Once the dog is found, the owner can be contacted swiftly to reunite them with their lost pet.

Dog owners often include their contact details on their dog's collar.

The messages sent Reddit users into a state of utter confusion, with some commenters joking about the exchange whereas others saw the messages as a cause for concern.

One Reddit user shared: “I made this joke once with my gf, whose phone number is also on her dogs' collars. I can't believe that there are actually people with this mindset!”

Another account quipped: “I think he meant to text the dog…” while a third opined: “Guy is very confused on what the number is for”.

Other Reddit users called out the stranger: “Wow. I pet her dog and she didn’t instantly suck me off. The audacity of some people.”

Reddit users were divided by the text messages.

A second wrote: “That is next level creep," while someone else stated: “Oh, I don’t like this”.

Women in the comments also shared their own similar stories. “I had that happen to me in Austin. It was super creepy,” one replied.

Similarly, another woman added:“This same thing happened to me once. It was so friggin’ weird! The guy made small talk about my dog, because he is the cutest pup ever then asked to take a picture. A few days later he sends me a text like this.”

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